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Darktrace Advances Its Cyber AI Loop With Launch of “Prevent” Products to Proactively Protect Organizations

Darktrace Advances Its Cyber AI Loop With Launch of “Prevent” Products to Proactively Protect Organizations

Darktrace launches PREVENT product family and continues to deliver on its technology vision of industry-first Cyber AI Loop

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security artificial intelligence, announced the launch of Darktrace PREVENT, an interconnected set of AI products that deliver a proactive cyber security capability to help organizations pre-empt future cyber-attacks. Darktrace PREVENT is the third product area in Darktrace’s delivery of a Cyber AI Loop, the industry-first set of AI capabilities which work together autonomously to optimize an organization’s state of security through a continuous feedback loop.

The new Darktrace PREVENT product family is based on breakthroughs developed in the firm’s Cambridge Cyber AI Research Centre and the capabilities gained through the acquisition of Cybersprint in March 2022. PREVENT uses AI to ‘think like an attacker,’ finding pathways to an organization’s most critical assets from inside and outside. Underpinned by AI that ‘knows you,’ it continuously analyzes the most disruptive attacks for an organization and feeds that information back into DETECT and RESPOND to support continuous learning and automation to harden systems.

A number of organizations in the US, UK and Northern Europe are early adopters of Darktrace PREVENT products, including the City of Las Vegas and Sedgwick, a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions.

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Commenting on the PREVENT product, Michael Lee Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas, said:

“Our team is finding Darktrace PREVENT very useful as it provides the types of insights and reflections we need to ensure we maintain a level of transparency and validity within our digital environment. I can see lots of ROI for municipal environments, especially those built-in cloud and virtual environments, use cases for external auditing, visibility into IoT environments, continuous pen testing, and actively monitoring risk. It also addresses some of the skilled analyst shortages that the cyber security industry is facing.”

Eric Schmitt, Global Chief Information Security Officer at Sedgwick, commented:

“Darktrace PREVENT pairs up our inside and outside views and integrates them with DETECT and RESPOND, which is a game changer. Our customers are advocating that we need to be continuously testing the efficacy of our security. Darktrace PREVENT does just that.”

Darktrace’s latest product family is set to proactively defend organizations against the heightened volume and sophistication of cyber threats, which is making identification and prioritization of their most pressing vulnerabilities increasingly difficult. In new data published today, Darktrace reveals that high-priority attempts to breach customer systems increased by 49% globally between January and June 2022. Over the same period, Darktrace saw a 138% increase in attempted cyber-attacks targeting customers in government-related sectors globally. In the month of June, the Information and Communication sector was the most highly targeted across Darktrace’s global customer base as it was in the US. In the UK, the most targeted industry was the public sector and government-related sectors.

At the same time, security teams are contending with an ever-increasing volume of vulnerabilities, and they do not have the resources to fight on all fronts. With the launch of PREVENT, Darktrace provides more predictive and preventative solutions to tackle cyber threats and business risk – rather than waiting for breaches to occur before action is taken. In new data published today, based on external vulnerability data of over 150 organizations, Darktrace reveals that 85% of high-risk vulnerabilities are not patched within one week and 70% are still unpatched after one month. Defenders do not have the resources to fight on every front and they cannot simply be reactive anymore.

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Commenting on the launch of Darktrace PREVENT, Poppy Gustafsson OBE, CEO at Darktrace, said:

“Organizations don’t have bottomless budgets and security teams don’t have endless time. By helping human teams to get a much better picture of their security vulnerabilities and by prioritizing the areas that need hardening first so they can protect their most critical assets, we hope we can help our customers to free themselves of cyber disruption. I’m so excited about today’s launch of our PREVENT products, which is a major milestone for Darktrace and brings us one step closer to fulfilling our vision of a Cyber AI Loop.”

Chris Kissel, Research Director at the International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence for the IT, telecommunications and consumer technology markets said:

“A purely reactive approach to security is quickly becoming inadequate. Early data from research into how organizations are mitigating cyber risk and threats show a shift towards proactive, ‘always-on’ technologies continually running tests on existing systems. Yet a continuous approach is fundamentally impossible to achieve without automation and AI, and Darktrace’s combination of AI technology that learns self and its new PREVENT product family will bring real value to thinly stretched security teams.”

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