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CDNetworks Unveils Global-to-China Solution to Facilitate Business Entry into China for Multinational Corporations

CDNetworks Unveils Global-to-China Solution to Facilitate Business Entry into China for Multinational Corporations

With its Asia No.1 CDN Performance and one-stop services, CDNetworks is uniquely positioned to help multinational corporations win online business in China markets.

CDNetworks, the APAC-leading network to deliver edge as a service, announces the introduction of its Global-to-China solution. This innovative solution provides multinational corporations with rapid entry into the China market by providing one-stop services that encompass local business startup, MLPS (Multi-Level Protection Scheme) & data security consultancy, performance optimization, security deployment and other additional services.

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Recognizing the disparity between the enormous growth potential within China’s thriving economy and the challenges faced by multinational corporations trying to enter the Chinese market, CDNetworks’ Global-to-China solution bridges the gap by providing multinationals with the one-stop tool they need for rapid entry into the China market. By leveraging our all-in-one solution, multinationals can overcome challenges such as adapting to China’s unique network characteristics, adhering to strict regulations, and addressing network security risks with ease, enabling them to rapidly penetrate the market and seize competitive advantages.

“CDNetworks has a deep understanding of the various challenges that companies face when entering the Chinese market and provides comprehensive support to empower multinationals to work toward the best possible business outcomes in their target markets,” said Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product at CDNetworks. “CDNetworks’ portfolio of products and services provide corporations with unparalleled advantages, starting from the preparation stage, before they enter China, to initial entry into the China market and through the continued growth of business in China.”

Highlights of CDNetworks Global-to-China Solution

  • Rapid Business Startup: To quickly establish the foundation for online business in China, corporations typically need to complete an ICP filing, establish internal network connectivity, and implement a secure and robust network architecture for remote access within their organization.
    CDNetworks’ Global-to-China solution not only helps corporations complete their ICP filing using end-to-end registration services, but also enables close collaboration between headquarters, branch offices, and even supply chain partners by leveraging technologies such as SD-WAN and zero trust to accelerate business startup.

  • Sustainable Business Continuity: CDNetworks understands the complexities of compliance and security challenges for corporations that want to enter the China market. That’s why this new Global-to-China solution has been designed from the ground up to address multidimensional and long-term consultancy services.
    Using MLPS 2.0 filing as an example, CDNetworks can provide multinational corporations with a full lifecycle consulting service that fits the MLPS declaration process in China. When it comes to data security compliance filing, CDNetworks also offers comprehensive data security consulting services. By assisting multinationals to classify their data and conduct security assessments on storing, processing, and transmitting data, CDNetworks can propose remediation plans and suggestions at various lifecycle stages to help businesses identify vulnerabilities, fix gaps, and reduce operational risks before business operations begin. Overall, these consulting services provide great convenience to multinationals who are not familiar with relevant Chinese regulations, saving them considerable time and effort while avoiding the risk of business interruptions.

  • Enhanced Business Performance: With coverage in over 270 cities worldwide and more than 2800 Points of Presence (PoPs), CDNetworks consistently ranks first in Asia when it comes to CDN performance. Backed by robust delivery and back-to-origin routing capabilities for corporations located inside and outside China, CDNetworks offers unsurpassed content delivery services for multinationals.
    CDNetworks partners with all ISPs in China and achieves 100% network coverage, high cache hit ratios, and nearly 0% packet loss consistently through PoPs located in over 140 cities in China. This unique synergy enables CDNetworks to provide low latency and high-quality content delivery services, ensuring that nearly all user requests are responded to within China. If a cross-border back-to-origin request is required, CDNetworks uses advanced technologies and tools such as intelligent routing, direct line, and self-developed private transmission protocols to ensure that relevant requests are always delivered over optimum paths, using the fastest route and speed available between the origin server and users to ensure smooth data flow and deliver an excellent user experience.

  • Effective Business Protection: To effectively protect business operations, the CDNetworks Global-to-China solution can provide multi-level security measures. Using WAAP capabilities, including DDoS Protection, Bot Management, WAF, and API Protection, CDNetworks can effectively safeguard multinational websites and applications from a wide range of cyberthreats, making it possible to crack down effectively on malicious users without impacting legitimate users or interrupting business operations in China. Additionally, CDNetworks’ zero trust solution, Enterprise Secure Access, secures remote access for enterprises, preventing data breaches that can damage brand value, impact the bottom line, leak sensitive information, threaten consumer trust, ruin reputations, and incur contractual, regulatory, and legal fines.

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CDNetworks streamlines the process for multinational corporations seeking entry into the China market by offering a comprehensive suite of services through the Global-to-China Solution. This all-in-one solution not only facilitates the initial setup and entry into the market, but also extends support to ensure sustainable and long-term business success. By offering a range of additional solutions and services such as Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Hybrid Cloud Management, and Major Event Support, CDNetworks shows its commitment to helping companies achieve operational efficiencies, security, and growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape of China.

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