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AnChain.AI and BlockTrace Join Forces to Provide Cutting Edge Solutions to National Security Sector Partners

AnChain.AI and BlockTrace Join Forces to Provide Cutting Edge Solutions to National Security Sector Partners

Leading Blockchain Investigation Firms Team Up to Deliver Training, Investigation Services and Innovative Solutions to Empower Global Regulators, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Financial Institutions

AnChain.AI, the world’s first company delivering Generative AI, LLM, and GPT-powered solutions for investigating Smart Contract Web3 Digital Assets, and BlockTrace, the leading digital assets, cyber intelligence and integrations firm, today announced a new partnership to deliver cutting-edge solutions to national security sector partners engaged in the fight against crypto-related crime to address national security challenges. With the proliferation of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain-based applications, the need for national security focused institutions to partner with companies that offer unique expertise has never been more important.

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In what was a record year, 2022 saw more than $4 Billion in assets stolen through hacks, scams, and other attacks against DeFi protocols. Additionally, state and non-state actors continue to abuse this ecosystem in ways that threaten national security priorities. AnChain.AI and BlockTrace share a commitment to helping national security agencies build a safer DeFi ecosystem with the tools and knowledge to address the increasingly complex challenges posed by smart contracts and cybercrime.

Victor Fang, Ph.D, CEO & Co-founder of AnChain.AI, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating “The escalating threat of smart contract crime demands next-gen solutions and a united front. Our collaboration with BlockTrace signifies a powerful alliance that harnesses AnChain.AI cutting-edge smart contract data capabilities, powered by LLM Large Language Models, and BlockTrace’s ability to fuse cyber intelligence and deliver custom solutions to equip national security focused stakeholders with the insights and capabilities needed to stay ahead of cybercriminals.”

The cornerstone of this partnership is the fusion of AnChain.AI’s world-leading smart contract investigation capabilities and AI-powered attribution data with BlockTrace’s unique ability to build and integrate custom blockchain intelligence solutions using a service it calls Fusion. Furthermore, BlockTrace is in a unique position to integrate custom cyber data solutions at facilities focused on national security which require a government security c********. The two companies are already collaborating with multiple U.S. government clients to bring state of the art capabilities not only to track malicious activities, but also to train various public sector partners and equip them with specialized skills in cryptocurrency and smart contract investigations.

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Shaun MaGruder, Founder & CEO of BlockTrace, emphasizing the power of data integration and expertise, stated, “When it comes to intelligence gathering, targeting, and analysis, the ability to fuse multiple data sources from world leading blockchain intelligence companies is what gives our national security and other public sector partners the edge they need to stay ahead of evolving threats. By merging BlockTrace’s cyber capabilities, the ability to build and integrate custom solutions, with AnChain.AI’s expertise in AI-powered security and Web3 smart contract data, we’re empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital asset ecosystem to proactively defend against emerging threats”

Both the regulatory and law enforcement spaces have witnessed a rapid escalation in both the scale and complexity of smart contract attacks. The worrying proliferation of exposed state-sponsored groups orchestrating sophisticated attacks within the DeFi space has continued to accelerate through the first half of 2023, further highlighting the need for rapid and comprehensive global responses to such threats.

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