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Alert 360 Launches Flex 360 to Offer Enhanced Property Monitoring and Security

Alert 360 Launches Flex 360 to Offer Enhanced Property Monitoring and Security
Unique security device installs in seconds to monitor storage sheds, boats, equipment, gates and more

Alert 360, one of the largest providers of home security systems and home automation in the nation, now offers the Flex 360. The Flex 360 is a battery-powered remote security sensor designed for monitoring property and assets nearly anywhere.

The award-winning Flex 360 provides an easy versatile solution for remote security challenges. It helps protect everything from storage sheds, barns, fences and gates to boats, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, expensive equipment, and more. It can be used on items in your backyard or on the other side of the country and provides real-time alerts if the item is tampered with, moved, or opened.

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“There is an increasing need to protect our unattended valuables that are not always stored in a secure building and are often the target of quick and easy theft,” said Duane Dietrich, Alert 360’s Vice President of Information Technologies. “Our customers have responded overwhelmingly positive to our recently released Alert 360 Connected Car and our 2nd Generation Smart Video Doorbell Camera with advanced video analytics. The Flex 360 is just one more easy way to monitor valuable property and equipment that might otherwise be off limits using traditional security sensors.”

Features of the new Flex 360 remote security monitoring device include:

  •     Works anywhere there’s LTE cellular coverage, without requiring a security panel, hub or Wi-Fi
  •     Sturdy and weather-proof for outdoors
  •     Expected battery life of 2+ years (and optional wired power)
  •     Installs in seconds
  •     Can be attached to almost anything
  •     Provides fast, uninterrupted monitoring through all types of weather, including heatwaves
  •     Instant alerts if someone enters a secure area or moves equipment.
  •     Sends a reminder if a door or gate isn’t closed by a required time.
  •     Integrates seamlessly into your Alert 360 smart security system and becomes part of your smart home
  •     Allows users to check in anytime to view Flex 360’s status on the Alert 360 app

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As one of the largest monitored home security system companies in the United States, Alert 360 provides leading home and business security and home automation products and services. Most recently, the company introduced the Alert 360 Connected Car to help address car theft or vandalism and communicates with the user, even when the vehicle’s engine is off.

Connected Car users receive alerts to unexpected movement (vehicle moves while the engine is off, indicating it may have been towed, crashed into, or stolen); diagnostics (check engine light on, low battery or low fuel), and driving behavior, such as sudden acceleration, hard braking, and excessive speeding. Like the Flex 360, the Connected Car is easy to install and is available through Alert 360 authorized dealers or one of Alert 360’s 17 locations across the United States.

“Our traditional and comprehensive wireless security systems monitor inside and outside homes and businesses,” said Duane Dietrich. “When combined with our next-generation Flex 360, the Connected Car, and Alert 360 Doorbell, our customers can more easily see what’s happening outside and secure vehicles – and more – away from home. We’re extremely excited to offer these new options to customers and help further reduce property theft and vandalism.”

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Alert 360’s complete line of home security, business security systems, energy management, and home automation services include interactive security, wireless security cameras, remote access, smart thermostats, water leak sensors, smart doorbell cameras, and monitored heat and carbon monoxide detectors. Alert 360 also provides professional installation or integration of smart home devices, such as sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo, Google Home and more.

Alert 360 allows home and business owners to observe and manage their security systems, using a free mobile app. In addition to the above security system options, the company offers HD video surveillance cameras, keyless entry door locks, Geo-Fence garage door controllers, and smart lighting. Alert 360 also offers the ability to control these security and smart home devices through Google Home or Alexa from a smart phone, laptop, or tablet

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