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Zylo Unveils Usage Connect, Setting New Standard in Enterprise SaaS Management Visibility

Zylo Unveils Usage Connect, Setting New Standard in Enterprise SaaS Management Visibility

Industry-first feature enables no-code connection into usage data for any app, unlocking thousands of applications and expanding the depth and breadth of integrations

 Zylo, the enterprise leader in SaaS Management,announced the launch of Usage Connect — an industry-first feature that provides businesses with unrivaled centralized visibility into SaaS usage data across their entire tech stack. The addition of Usage Connect signals Zylo as having the most comprehensive and flexible data integration strategy on the market.

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A review of more than 30M SaaS user licenses found that, on average, 44% of software licenses go unused, resulting in an estimated $17M of waste per year. Accessing application usage data is challenging for most businesses due to unique licensing models, data requirements, and technical and security complications. And, without full visibility into software usage, companies struggle to control costs, maintain efficient operations, and stay compliant.

With Usage Connect, IT, SAM, and Procurement teams can easily surface insights from any application connected to Zylo’s SaaS Management platform, eliminating complex coding and manual analysis. For the first time, Usage Connect provides the missing link — automated, no-code data centralization — unlocking a single source of truth for true SaaS optimization.

“Since Zylo’s founding, we have been focused on a multi-pronged approach to usage data, including Direct Integrations for deep usage insights, SSO integrations for broad enterprise coverage, and a robust public API – and the industry followed,” said Eric Christopher, CEO of Zylo. “Even with this focus, a piece of the puzzle was missing across the industry, and Usage Connect is the answer. By solving the previously impossible challenge, we have fundamentally enabled a new level of unified visibility for customers, giving them insight into application usage data and unlocking tremendous optimization opportunities.”

Building on Zylo’s existing, industry-leading SaaS management capabilities, Usage Connect provides customers with:

  • Instant Clarity: Quickly and easily connect any application to Zylo’s platform to gain instant insights, eliminating the need for manual analysis and scattered reports.
  • Holistic Visibility: Achieve a single source of truth for SaaS usage across all applications, unhindered by API or SSO complexity.
  • Empowered Teams: Equip application owners with self-service access to actionable insights, allowing them to optimize license usage and reclaim valuable resources.
  • Simplified Processes: Automate tedious reporting and eliminate redundant workflows, streamlining SaaS management across the organization.
  • Compliant Connections: Control every detail about what data is shared, how it’s shared, and who has access to it once in Zylo’s platform.

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“Within a few clicks, I quickly and easily connected multiple new applications to Zylo using Usage Connect — applications where we previously had no actionable data without significant manual manipulation,” said Mohamed Safiedine, Director of Digital Business Operations at ModMed. “Within minutes of connecting, I kicked off license reclamation workflows that resulted in the removal of inactive licenses. Having the uploaded data tie in with the data from our HRIS integration was a feature that truly exceeded our expectations. Zylo’s Usage Connect is a game-changer when it comes to effectively managing our SaaS.”

“Usage Connect represents a seismic shift for businesses struggling with fragmented SaaS visibility,” said Christopher. “As the original pioneers of enterprise SaaS management, we once again lead the way, this time into the next generation of data integration strategy.”

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