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TTTech Auto and mimik Announce a Groundbreaking Partnership to Accelerate Software-Defined Vehicles

TTTech Auto and mimik Announce a Groundbreaking Partnership to Accelerate Software-Defined Vehicles

TTTech Auto, the leading provider of automotive safety software, and mimik Technology Inc., the pioneer in hybrid edge cloud (HEC) solutions, are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership aimed at enhancing safety and transforming the driving experience of next-generation cars. Through the integration of mimik’s cutting-edge platform with TTTech Auto’s proven safety solutions, this collaboration will pave the way for unprecedented advancements in Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), driver assistance, and autonomous mobility.

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“We’re thrilled to join forces with mimik, an industry trailblazer in hybrid edge cloud solutions”

TTTech Auto specializes in delivering state-of-the-art software, hardware, and services for future vehicle generations and the shift towards software-defined vehicles. Their innovative technology has been successfully deployed in millions of vehicles worldwide, making them a trusted partner for car manufacturers and automotive system integrators. TTTech Auto’s software solution centers around effectively handling the complexity inherent in SDVs through cutting-edge orchestration, communication, and safety frameworks. The MotionWise Safety Middleware is a proven solution deployed in over 2 million vehicles, with an additional secure pipeline for 9 million cars. Furthermore, Zetta Auto offers a unified solution for in-vehicle and V2X communication, leveraging Data Distribution Service (DDS), Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), and Zenoh protocol to ensure reliable end-to-end communication properties.

mimik is renowned for its innovative HEC platform and edgeEngine, which provide API gateways and a powerful continuous runtime environment. These tools are designed to deploy and run standard microservices on top of any operating system, including Android Auto and QNX. This capability makes it easy to decouple hardware from OS and application logic to achieve SDV. This innovation creates a seamless and efficient ecosystem for developers and automakers alike, allowing every aspect of automotive functions and mobility to be transformed into a function-as-a-service. The mimik edgeEngine allows for the exposure of compute resources, functions, and data through standard APIs, effectively creating a homogeneous view of otherwise fragmented silos of computing and OS. This integration occurs both within and outside the vehicle, allowing functions to interact and exchange knowledge seamlessly amongst themselves and with any cloud providers, therefore addressing interoperability challenges.

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Development speed, coupled with safety, real-time capabilities, security, and system integrity, is a pivotal factor in realizing the promises of Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs). The collaboration between the companies aims to leverage the strengths of both companies’ technologies, striving to unveil an unparalleled development lifecycle. This is achieved while upholding the critical attributes of safety, security, real-time performance, and comprehensive end-to-end system properties at the E/E level. Furthermore, the partnership will focus on the exploration of mimik HEC in combination with MotionWise to provide edge-to-cloud technologies, facilitating seamless workload transition between the cloud and edge environments.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with mimik, an industry trailblazer in hybrid edge cloud solutions,” stated Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO of TTTech Auto. “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our quest to revolutionize automotive safety solutions and deliver state-of-the-art technology to our valued customers, seamlessly spanning from cloud to edge environments.”

“At mimik, we empower automakers to unleash the full potential of their vehicles with our software platform,” said Fay Arjomandi, Founder and CEO at mimik. “Teaming up with TTTech Auto, a leader in automotive safety software, we can connect fragmented silos of computing inside and outside of vehicles and harness real-time context data to create a safer and more connected driving experience.”

This partnership between TTTech Auto and mimik marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of safer, smarter, and more efficient vehicles on our roads. As the collaboration progresses, both companies remain committed to advancing technology that puts safety first while revolutionizing the future of driving.

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