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NowVertical Group Launches NOW SnowGraph, a Snowflake Native App

NowVertical Group Launches NOW SnowGraph, a Snowflake Native App

NowVertical Group Inc., the vertical intelligence (VI) software and solutions company, announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, the availability of NOW SnowGraph (SnowGraph), a Snowflake Native App on Snowflake Marketplace.

NOW SnowGraph is an updated version of its original Snowflake Native App that powers rich insights using embedded graph analytics on top of a Snowflake warehouse. NOW SnowGraph can analyze billions of variable combinations in a single query to surface what matters in seconds.

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, announced that the Snowflake Native App Framework (public preview on AWS) is now available for developers to build and test apps natively in the Data Cloud with additional distribution and monetization capabilities in public preview soon. Snowflake Native Apps usher in a new era of data collaboration, enabling developers with the tools needed to create robust apps quickly with Snowflake‘s high availability and auto-scalability, all the while reducing security and procurement hurdles for customers because the apps run directly within the customers’ Snowflake accounts.

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“The Snowflake Native App Framework enables partners, like NOW, to build in the Data Cloud with an entirely new type of app,” said Chris Child, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake.“ While Snowflake handles security, privacy, and governance concerns, NOW is able to focus on monetizing their apps to thousands of customers on Snowflake Marketplace, further mobilizing their data for organizations to unlock valuable insights in the Data Cloud.”

Snowflake Marketplace already has over 25 new Snowflake Native Apps available today, and over one hundred providers are currently developing apps that span multiple industries and use cases. NOW is one of the leading organizations building in the Data Cloud, with a Snowflake Native App readily available to easily bring unique insights to end users, enabling them to unlock value with just a few clicks on Snowflake Marketplace. By being Powered by Snowflake, NOW can create new revenue streams by distributing its app to thousands of Snowflake customers without these customers having to move or expose their data.

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The NOW SnowGraph Snowflake Native App is pre-configured with turnkey models to address critical use cases for organizations already leveraging Snowflake’s functionality within their technical stack. By accessing the NOW SnowGraph Snowflake Native App, marketers can graphically conduct personalization at scale, market basket analysis and next-best actions, propensity and lookalike modeling, audience cluster discovery, and segment overlaps, enabling customers to make more of their existing first-party data and collaborate with partners both internally and externally in a privacy-safe way.

“By building NOW SnowGraph’s Snowflake Native App on Snowflake, we’re able to help customers easily maximize the ROIs against their customer data with our turnkey segmentation, propensity scoring and look-a-like modeling,” said Sasha Grujicic, CEO of NOW. “Must-have insights for driving new revenue in CPG, Retail and Media and Publishing, such as market basket analysis and shopper behavior personas, can typically take weeks or months to develop using traditional methods. With NOW SnowGraph’s Snowflake Native App, these insights can be run dynamically inside Snowflake in seconds.”

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