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Gradle Inc’s Gradle Enterprise is Now Develocity!

Gradle Inc’s Gradle Enterprise is Now Develocity!

Rebrand aims to underscore the multi-build system support strength of its developer productivity solution

Gradle Inc. announced that it has changed the name of its award-winning software solution for improving developer productivity from Gradle Enterprise to Develocity. Develocity speeds up builds and tests leveraging advanced performance acceleration technologies. In addition, its failure analytics make troubleshooting faster and toolchains more reliable by providing build action and build environment observability, trends, and insights.

“We chose the name Develocity because it tells you unambiguously who this product is for and what business value we deliver,” said Hans Dockter, Gradle Inc. founder and CEO. “Developers experience the productivity benefits directly, while organizations experience accelerated time to software delivery and business impact.”

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According to the company, the Gradle Enterprise name served the company well since the product’s inception. However, as the company’s multi-build system support strategy gained traction and yielded a major solution advantage, over time the name became more of a liability than an advantage. Specifically, there was a common misconception that Gradle Enterprise was just for the Gradle Build Tool. The well-established precedent for using “Enterprise” to connote a commercial version of a freemium product, or a product that is based on an open-source core, reinforced the misunderstanding.

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Driven by a set of common developer productivity pain points across toolchains, Gradle embarked on a multi-build system support strategy that continues today. As a result, Develocity not only supports the Gradle Build Tool, but since 2019 has supported the Apache Maven build system. Further, recently Gradle announced Develocity support for the Bazel build system, an open-source project hosted by Google. Simultaneously, it released beta-level support for sbt, the open-source build system popular with the Scala language developer community. Support for additional software development ecosystems is on the product roadmap.

“We want to ensure that developers can continue to use the best tools for the job, including build systems,” said Dockter. “This means supporting all major build systems over time and ensuring that development organizations don’t have to migrate from their current tool of choice to avail themselves of the developer productivity and experience benefits delivered by Develocity.”

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