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Axonify Expands Partnership with Zebra Technologies to Maximize Frontline Productivity

Axonify Expands Partnership with Zebra Technologies to Maximize Frontline Productivity

Axonify launches learning platform on Zebra’s devices to simplify worker training

Axonify, a leader in frontline employee enablement and Zebra Registered ISV partner, has expanded its work with Zebra Technologies. In addition to being among the first co-sale partners for Zebra’s software solutions, Axonify is also providing Zebra with a new learning platform. Together, Axonify and Zebra will work to bring accessible training to frontline workers directly on the Zebra mobile devices they use every day.

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As part of the enhanced partnership, Zebra will also blend its real-time task management capabilities with Axonify’s personalized learning and training modules. This helps workers increase overall productivity and efficiency while ensuring they have the right knowledge at the right time. And, with a more productive, cross-skilled frontline, staffing needs become more manageable and budgets decrease. Integrating both technologies within a single tech stack will also allow customers to maximize frontline productivity and achieve operational excellence.

“At Zebra, we’re committed to empowering teams to do their very best work, and we strive to simplify processes so frontline workers are equipped with everything they need at the touch of their fingertips,” said Suresh Menon, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Software Solutions, Zebra Technologies. “With the support of Axonify, our customers will now have easy access to bite-size training segments that fit seamlessly into their workflow, enabling workers to reach even greater success and work in new ways.”

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Axonify’s engaging, frontline enablement platform currently boasts an 83% participation rate across more than 160 countries and is offered in over 60 languages. This reach coupled with the new features being developed, including daily training notifications delivered in Zebra’s Pinboard and MyWork, will drive higher daily Zebra device usage and provide a seamless experience for users and managers.

“Task management and microlearning go hand-in-hand when training frontline workers, which is why we are so excited to continue our work with Zebra to fuse both together in this new integration,” said Carol Leaman, CEO and Co-Founder at Axonify. “We believe all frontline employees need and deserve the knowledge, skills and support to do their best work every day. With Axonify and Zebra Technologies, the worker technology ecosystem is simplified into a single impactful experience, helping empower and engage workers.”

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