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Imaging Company Orimtech Seeks New Partnerships to Expand Development of Robotic Imaging Technologies

Imaging Company Orimtech Seeks New Partnerships to Expand Development of Robotic Imaging Technologies

Orimtech, a imaging company specializing in the development of robotics for digital image processing in computed tomography and modern radiology, is seeking partnerships to grow the business and help in the development of new technologies.

Orimtech began developing algorithms and software CT scanners in the field of dentistry but later transitioned to the development of their own CT scanners to be used for animals in veterinary practices.The company has since had large success in the development of CT scanners for horses, which eliminates the need for the horse to be fully sedated, laid down or turned over.The CT scanners developed by Orimtech allow a horse to remain standing with little anesthesia being administered.This greatly reduces the chance of a horse being injured during the scanning process.

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The CT scanners are robotic arms that are used for taking X-rays images at 20+ frames per second and are later re-constructed into 3D tomographic images.In addition to building CT scanners to be used in veterinary practicesOrimtech has developed CT scanners for the oil and gas industry that scan core samples of oil from a well that are sent to a lab. The scanners are able to determine the oil capacity at a specific well, and how difficult it will be to pump up the oil from the well.

Orimtech holds several patents for their robotics in the fields of computer tomography and motion tracking. The imaging company is seeking to enter into partnerships with strategic investors who hold the same desire to develop innovative robotic technologies in different industries. The team at Orimtech seeks to work with investors who have similar experience with the work they do.

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Orimtech is highly specialized in research and development for quickly coming up with reliable engineering solutions with new technologies. The team at Orimtech is comprised of engineers and mathematicians who are dedicated to the development of new technologiesOrimtech aims to develop and provide new technologies in computer tomography to industries that have not yet had access to them.

The company was founded by Boris Goldberg and Dr. Sergei Gouzeev. Mr. Goldberg holds a Masters degree in computer science, while Mr. Gouzeev holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. With the team later co-founding Orimtech in 2010. Mr. Goldberg and Dr. Gouzeev say new partnerships will enable Orimtech to expand not only their services but the services of the industries they expand to.

“We have always been at the forefront of developing new technologies in the field of computed tomography and bringing those technologies to industries that can benefit from its use,” says Goldberg.“With new partnerships and investors we can expand our developing technologies and continue to be innovative leaders.”

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