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ForwardX Robotics Releases the First Cage Trolley Docking & Towing AMR–Flex 60-T

ForwardX Robotics Releases the First Cage Trolley Docking & Towing AMR--Flex 60-T

ForwardX Robotics, a global leader in vision-based autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology, is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough in automation technology: the Flex 60-T, a cutting-edge AMR equipped with an advanced docking and towing system. Representing the latest addition to its Flex product series, Flex 60-T sets a new standard in handling cage trolleys, revolutionizing material movement within warehouses and various commercial environments. Attendees at CeMAT Australia, taking place from July 25-27, will have the exclusive opportunity to witness the Flex 60-T in action for the first time.

The development of Flex 60-T is the result of a successful collaboration between ForwardX Robotics and its recently announced exclusive distribution partner for Australia and New ZealandRichmond Rolling SolutionsForwardX has created an innovative solution that addresses the pain points associated with docking and towing cage trolleys, widely used in Australia among other regions, unlocking new levels of efficiency and safety.

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Cage trolleys, or roll cages, are a critical component for transporting heavy loads of products and equipment in warehousing scenarios, as well as in manufacturing, distribution centers, retail, hospitals, supermarkets, hospitality workplaces, and catering establishments. Traditionally, these roll cages have been manually transported throughout the warehouse, limiting productivity and posing safety risks. The Flex 60-T is purposefully designed to revolutionize this process, enhancing efficiency while prioritizing the safety of workers and employees.

“At ForwardX Robotics, we firmly believe that safety is of paramount importance in every business, particularly in labor-intensive workplaces,” said ForwardX CEO & Founder, Nicolas Chee. “Our Flex 60-T provides a safer work environment while empowering businesses to enhance overall productivity by eliminating the strenuous physical labor associated with manually operating heavy carts.”

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The Flex 60-T boasts an impressive maximum towing capacity of 300kg and is compatible with both Australian Standard Z & A base roll cages. It features a state-of-the-art multi-sensor fusion technology, visual SLAM navigation, and 180-degree obstacle detection and avoidance, ensuring a highly secure, efficient, and obstacle-free solution. With unparalleled versatility and operational flexibility, the Flex 60-T enables warehouses and manufacturing facilities to optimize workflows and reduce operational costs.

The new addition to ForwardX‘s already impressive and industry leading range of AMR products solidifies the company’s position as an orchestration engine for end-to-end automation. ForwardX Robotics continues to lead the way in AI and Robotics applications, delivering cutting-edge material handling solutions for warehousing and manufacturing facilities that enhance operational efficiency while significantly reducing costs.

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