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Quantum AI Brings the Power of Quantum Computing to the Public

Quantum AI Brings the Power of Quantum Computing to the Public

Quantum AI is set to bring the power of quantum computing to the public and has already reached a stunning quantum volume (QV) s**** of 14,082 in a year since its inception.

Quantum AI Ltd. was conceived by Finlay and Qaiser Sajjad during their time as students at MIT. They were inspired by the exclusive use of new-age technology by the elites on Wall Street. Recognising the transformative power of this technology, they were determined to make its potential accessible to all. Thus, the platform was born, and it has evolved and flourished in just a short time.

Often, everyday traders have limited access to such advanced tools.

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“We are fueled by the belief that the power of quantum computing should not be confined to the financial giants but should be available to empower amateur traders as well,” asserted the founders of the platform. Since its launch in 2022, they have worked to achieve this vision and have become a significant force in the industry.


The platform combines the power of the technology with the strength of artificial intelligence. By using these latest technologies, including machine learning, algorithms that are more than just lines of code have been created. They harness the potential of quantum mechanics and deep learning to analyse live data in unique ways.

“Our quantum system leverages quantum superposition and coherence, providing a quantum advantage through sophisticated simulation and annealing techniques,” added the founders.

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Quantum AI has shown exceptional results in a brief period. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, highlighting the enhanced speed and accuracy of trading. The transformative and groundbreaking impact the platform has had on trading is evident in its growth to 330,000 active members. Notably, it has nearly 898 million lines of code and an impressive quantum value s**** of 14,082. The performance on this benchmark that IBM established is a massive testament to the impact quantum AI has had in a short span of time.

According to the founders, they have bigger plans on the horizon to take the power of the technology to the public. Quantum AI is growing its team of experts and expanding its operations in Australia and Canada. Its goal of democratising the power of technology is well on its way to being realised. With trading being the first thing they cracked to pay the bills the main focus has turned to aviation, haulage and even e-commerce.

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