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POSCO Holdings and QC Ware Revolutionize Battery Simulation with Quantum Computing

POSCO Holdings and QC Ware Revolutionize Battery Simulation with Quantum Computing

POSCO Holdings, and QC Ware Corp., announced that they are jointly developing revolutionary new techniques for the simulation of battery materials on quantum computers.

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POSCO Holdings and QC Ware have joined forces on a grant from the Korean government to quantify the utility and advantage of quantum computers for the accurate and efficient simulation of candidate battery materials. The collaboration will concentrate on the simulation of realistic solid state electrolytes for Lithium batteries and benchmark new quantum computing methods vs the best approaches currently in use today.


This research is supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) of the Ministry of Science and ICT (RS-2023-00257288). Earlier in the year, POSCO Holdings applied for the ‘Quantum Advantage Challenge Research based on Quantum Computing’ grant under the project titled ‘Development of Simulation Technology for Eco-Friendly Material Based on Quantum Computing’.

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The collaboration is spearheaded by the AI R&D Laboratories of POSCO Holdings New Experience of Technology Hub with the directive to apply new approaches of simulating battery materials to quantum computers.

“With the world moving toward diverse and flexible energy solutions, it is essential to develop more performant batteries to be integrated in future, sustainable energy grids.” said Robert Parrish, SVP of Quantum Chemistry at QC Ware Corp. “Computational simulations are playing a growing role in the design of new materials, and this collaboration with POSCO Holdings is essential to QC Ware’s mission: developing quantum algorithms that accelerate the timeline to quantum computers impacting real-world use cases.”

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