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Vasion Announces Flexible, Secure Printing Solutions to Keep Companies Safe and Support A Hybrid Workforce

Vasion Announces Flexible, Secure Printing Solutions to Keep Companies Safe and Support A Hybrid Workforce
PrinterLogic’s Off-network Printing, QR Code Secure Release Printing, and Mobile Printing App empower remote workforces to print securely, no matter what network they’re on

 As the workplace undergoes a massive transformation, IT professionals are searching for tools to support the shift to a hybrid work approach and maintain productivity. According to McKinsey, 52 percent of U.S.-based employees say they prefer a hybrid work model, making the need for secure and mobile printing more important than ever. But managing the demands of a hybrid workforce introduces a new set of safety and security risks.

To ease the transitionVasion (formerly PrinterLogic, the world leader in serverless printing infrastructure) announced a series of new features and functionality designed to support IT teams and empower all end-users with seamless and secure printing. PrinterLogic SaaS customers can now enjoy off-network printing capabilities, a new mobile printing app for Android and iOS, and a touchless printing experience.

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“The rapid shift to support a remote workforce has hamstrung IT teams over the last 18-months. We know IT professionals everywhere are re-evaluating their current IT strategy and asking, ‘Can this solution support the future of work?’,” said JD Carter, Vasion CXO. “With the release of these new features, our customers can confidently and securely ensure their organization can deliver best in class serverless print management, wherever work happens.”

PrinterLogic’s new features allow end-users to securely print to corporate printers from laptops, smartphones and tablets outside corporate networks and firewalls.

  • Off-network Printing: This feature allows users to keep printers on their most secure networks while enabling all workers to print regardless of what network they’re on. Off-network printing addresses two key IT challenges: first, managing printing in a zero-trust network architecture and second, it provides easy, intuitive printing access to contractors, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) guests, and affiliate partners without VPNs or web portals. Off-network printing works with any end-user computing device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile Printing App: The new mobile app lets users easily print from their mobile device or tablet directly to any printer on the organization’s network. IT Admins can now manage printer deployments for iOS and Android devices, from the same single pane of glass as all other endpoints. The PrinterLogic mobile app facilitates secure-release printing, which ensures confidential print jobs are released to the right end user at the right time.
  • QR Code Secure Release Printing: The new QR Code secure release functionality delivers a touchless printing experience. Employees no longer have to touch a shared surface on a printer to release their print job. They can simply walk up to any printer, scan the QR code from the PrinterLogic mobile app, and select the print job they want to release. This new secure release option is available in the PrinterLogic Mobile app and keeps the health and safety of companies top of mind.

The mobile printing app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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