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Palo Alto Networks Redefines Private 5G Security Standards with Strategic Partnerships

Palo Alto Networks Redefines Private 5G Security Standards with Strategic Partnerships

Palo Alto Networks has announced comprehensive private 5G security solutions with top Private 5G collaborators. This initiative combines Palo Alto Networks enterprise-level 5G Security with Private 5G partner integrations, streamlining network deployment, management, and security. The announcement caters to the increasing demand for validated 5G integrations and aligns with Palo Alto Networks’ strategic goal of an integrated approach to safeguarding 5G deployments.

Securing the 5G Future

Anand Oswal, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Palo Alto Networks, emphasized 5G’s transformative potential while acknowledging its complexities and security risks. He stressed the necessity of a robust cross-platform ecosystem for strong 5G security, achieved through comprehensive solutions and innovative partner integrations.

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Despite 5G’s vital role in national infrastructure and mission-critical environments, the extensive data transmitted through these networks makes them susceptible to exploitation by threat actors. A recent Palo Alto Networks study revealed that nearly 70% of executives recognize 5G-connected devices as a growing threat vector in operational technology.

With 5G projected to contribute $1 trillion to the global economy by 2030, safeguarding networks, cloud-native solutions, and distributed environments is imperative. Palo Alto Networks’ 5G Security addresses these challenges by leveraging AI, Zero Trust principles, and compliance mandates to protect organizations against evolving threats.

Integrating industry-leading security solutions with innovative Private 5G partner technologies enables customers to establish security measures from the ground up. This comprehensive approach ensures the protection of entire 5G infrastructures and the mission-critical traffic they support.

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Trusted Partnerships for Enhanced Security

Palo Alto Networks rigorously evaluates its Private 5G partners through lab testing, ensuring their capability to deliver successful solutions. The initial roster of Private 5G partners includes Celona, Druid, Ataya, NETSCOUT, NVIDIA, and NTT DATA.

Organizations collaborating with Celona, Druid, and Ataya can seamlessly secure their radio networks by integrating Palo Alto Networks’ 5G Security solutions.

NETSCOUT offers pervasive, packet-level network visibility, complementing Palo Alto Networks 5G Security with deep insights for informed policy decisions.

NVIDIA’s scalable 5G security enhances AI-powered applications, optimizing speed, security, and data accuracy while maintaining data sovereignty and cost-effectiveness for mobile networks.

NTT DATA offers an innovative technology stack, comprehensive network infrastructure capabilities, and trusted IT consulting services, facilitating the swift deployment, management, and security of private 5G networks for customers.

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Partner Perspectives on Safeguarding the Digital Economy

Rajeev Shah, CEO and Founder of Celona, emphasizes the increasing significance of private 5G networks for mission-critical applications and the handling of sensitive data, acknowledging their susceptibility to cyber attacks. Celona’s integration with Palo Alto Networks provides comprehensive visibility and secure access for enterprise devices connected over private 5G cellular wireless infrastructure, aiming to secure customer networks in the 5G space.

Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT Ltd., underscores the criticality of private 5G networks in Industry 5.0 deployments. He emphasizes the need for complete, fully managed solutions and trusted advisors to facilitate the deployment, management, and security of private 5G networks. NTT Ltd. looks forward to further collaboration with Palo Alto Networks in delivering the power of private 5G to their clients’ businesses.

Liam Kenny, CEO of Druid Software, highlights the pivotal role of Zero Trust security in safeguarding private 5G traffic. He emphasizes the necessity of visibility into all applications, services, subscribers, and devices, asserting that a Zero Trust solution is unattainable without it. Integrating with Palo Alto Networks enhances customers’ security posture, providing unparalleled visibility, policy enforcement, and threat detection for IoT and user devices connected to cellular networks.

Bruce Kelley, CTO and SVP of Service Provider at NETSCOUT acknowledges the transformative potential of 5G networks while emphasizing their complexity for enterprises. He stresses the criticality of end-to-end service visibility in ensuring an exceptional customer experience and monetizing device and end-user behavior. NETSCOUT’s integrations with Palo Alto Networks provide pervasive, packet-level network visibility, aiding enterprises in combating cyber threats across vast IP networks.

Rajesh Pazhyannur, CEO and Co-Founder of Ataya underscores the collaborative effort with Palo Alto Networks in addressing a broad spectrum of security concerns associated with private 5G networks. Together, they leverage device intelligence to optimize Zero Trust postures, ensuring simplified management, robust security, and customer application awareness by unifying multiple networks.

Ash Bhalgat, Senior Director of Cloud, Telco, and Cybersecurity Market Development at NVIDIA, discusses how private 5G facilitates collecting, transferring, and analyzing massive data volumes from connected sensors and edge devices. NVIDIA’s technologies accelerate Palo Alto P5G ecosystem solutions, enabling a fast, secure, and AI-ready private 5G infrastructure for modern enterprises.


1. What are Private 5G Security Solutions?

Private 5G Security Solutions are comprehensive measures designed to protect private 5G networks from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. These solutions encompass a range of technologies and practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data transmitted over private 5G networks.

2. Why are Private 5G Security Solutions Necessary?

Private 5G networks are increasingly vital for mission-critical applications and handling sensitive data. However, due to their significance and the vast amounts of data they transmit, they are also prime targets for cyber attacks. Private 5G Security Solutions are necessary to mitigate these risks and safeguard the integrity of private 5G networks.

3. How do Private 5G Security Solutions Work?

Private 5G Security Solutions implements various security measures such as encryption, access control, threat detection, and network monitoring. These solutions may also leverage technologies like AI and Zero Trust principles to enhance security posture and mitigate evolving threats.

4. What Role Do Palo Alto Networks Play in Private 5G Security?

Palo Alto Networks is a leading provider of security solutions and services, offering end-to-end private 5G security solutions in collaboration with trusted Private 5G partners. Palo Alto Networks’ solutions integrate with partner technologies to provide comprehensive security across private 5G infrastructures.

5. Who are the Private 5G Partners of Palo Alto Networks?

Palo Alto Networks collaborates with a select group of Private 5G partners, including Celona, Druid, Ataya, NETSCOUT, NVIDIA, and NTT DATA. These partners provide complementary technologies and services to enhance the security and functionality of private 5G networks.

6. What Benefits Do Private 5G Partners Bring to the Collaboration?

Private 5G partners bring specialized expertise and technologies to the collaboration, enriching Palo Alto Networks’ offerings with network visibility, threat detection, and device management capabilities. Together, these partners help organizations deploy, manage, and secure their private 5G networks effectively.

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