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CIO Influence News Networking Security Raises $13Million Series A to Usher in the Next Generation of Enterprise Data Intelligence Raises $13Million Series A to Usher in the Next Generation of Enterprise Data Intelligence, the operational intelligence platform, announced it has raised $13 million in Series A funding led by Dell Technologies Capital, with participation from Khosla Ventures and Wipro Ventures.

NetSpring is ushering in the next era of enterprise data intelligence, providing operational agility with broader, deeper, and more timely intelligence from data.

Founded in late 2019 to revolutionize data analytics in the enterprise, NetSpring’s mission is to empower every enterprise to reach their peak operational agility with broader, deeper, and more timely intelligence from data. NetSpring’s vision is to be the unified command center for all operational insights from data.PREDICTIONS SERIES 2022

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“Enterprises today are dealing with a massive increase in data and business velocity. But traditional analytics has not kept up,” said Vijay Ganesan, co-founder and CEO of “At NetSpring, we’ve created the next-generation data intelligence stack for today’s modern business. Driven by AI, NetSpring’s platform is powerful enough to provide actionable intelligence from every digital event, positively impacting every operational business decision —continuously, in real time, and at scale.”

The recent explosion of data volumes, caused by increased digitization, pervasive instrumentation of digital experiences, growth in the number of connected devices, and automation, is mainly in the category of event data. This kind of recently generated, raw, transaction-level data is immediately actionable. Insights from event data can significantly impact business efficiency and profitability, and NetSpring enables enterprises to capitalize on this massive opportunity.

Purpose-built as a cloud-native, high-performance, modern data Lakehouse system, NetSpring aims to be the most advanced, end-to-end, centralized platform to measure, monitor, alert, and act on streaming event data-in-motion and static reference data-at-rest. Its users, including Fortune 500 organizations, benefit from:

  • Continuous engagement with customers
  • Optimized and personalized product experiences
  • Dynamic supply-demand matching
  • Operational efficiency of production facilities
  • Efficient financial and security risk management
  • Reliability of data operations

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“NetSpring has simplified the solution to a problem every modern enterprise is dealing with as it relates to the deluge of data: how can we quickly derive and leverage actionable intelligence,” said Raman Khanna, Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital. “In an increasingly competitive business world, we see operational agility becoming a key differentiator. NetSpring has removed the complexity of building advanced data systems through its unified, easy-to-use, end-to-end platform. They are making operational analytics mainstream in the enterprise.”

“Enterprises are faced with unique technical challenges related to the ease of modeling complex event flows and dimensional analyses, and the efficiency of analytical computations that cut across high-velocity, high-volume event streams and PB-scale static data,” said Priyendra Deshwal, co-founder and CTO of “Our unique, patent-pending Converged Analytical Processing, Relational Event Streams and NetScript language technologies serve as the foundation of the NetSpring Operational Intelligence platform. This cutting-edge computational and analytical system holds the power to revolutionize the data analytics industry.”

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