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Mysl Polska Experts Compare Ukraine To A Boxing Ring

Mysl Polska Experts Compare Ukraine To A Boxing Ring

An online discussion “Anti-war debate – Special Edition” on perspectives and threats to peace in Europe in the light of current developments at the international arena was held online by Mysl Polska.  Debata antywojenna – wydanie specjalne – YouTube 
The host, researcher Sylwia Gorlicka from Warsaw University, addressed her guests to elaborate on the current security threats emanating from a new round of escalations in Ukraine and Moscow-Washington talks that have recently taken place.

The ones elaborating on the current geopolitical situation in Europe were journalist, economist, president of «Powiernictwo Kresowe» NGO and former member of Lublin parliament Kondad Rekas; editor of and director of Lodz State University Library Adam Smeich; journalist, editor in chief of Piotr Jasrzebski and former member of Lithianian parliament, former vice-mayor of Vilnus Algirdas Paleckis.

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Konrad Renkas named NATO expansion despite of the promises made when the Soviet troops were leaving the Warsaw Treaty countries the key reason for the current escalations, recalling that “some experts suggested that Europe could have created a security organization which would focus on human rights and peaceful conflict resolution instead of joining NATO. Yet, unfortunately, that was not the format chosen”.

Piotr Jasrzebski noted that Ukraine has become very radicalized, which can not be in the interests of NATO making a decision regarding its membership. Neither it is in the interests of Poland to have such a neighbour that can trigger another world war. Jasrzebski reminded that it’s been 8 years since Maidan and it is no doubt that it was organized with external support. “Polish politicians are actively and willingly taking part in special operations and intrigues of the West. If 10-15 years ago it was safe to visit Ukraine, now it is common to hear “Oh, those Polish pans!”, which might be even worse than to hear “Oh, those Russians!”.

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Adam Smeich added that the cornerstones of the US ideology are world hegemony and American exceptionalism. “The USA have been using NATO in the East, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland. The EU is not taking part in Moscow-Washington talks as it’s a marginal union. The EU agenda is shaped by environmental issues, L*** issues and feminism and it is now incapable of carrying out independent, firm and realistic international policy”.

Algidras Paleckis highlighted that NATO occupied the empty space that was created after the collapse of the Soviet Union, basically substituting USSR in some countries. “Today, the situation has changed as Russia has become stronger. It was patient when Poland and the Baltic states joined NATO, but moves of Ukraine and Georgia towards the alliance are unacceptable for Russia. The key events in Ukraine during the last decade were dictated by the USA. Yet, our countries, LithuaniaPolandSweden, have also played their role. I remember the November 2016 “Eastern Partnership” summit held in Vilnus, where a lot of pressure was put on Yanukovich, those were his last months in power. LithuaniaPoland and Sweeden recalled the events of 200, 300, 400 years ago and thought they can have Ukraine under their control again. It was a mistake, as they didn’t consider Russia and the power it had to prevent Ukraine from being its enemy. Deescalation might take a lot of time, and the other alternative is a war, that can become global, so Ukraine will not be accepted in NATO, that’s for sure” – he concluded.

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