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Cockroach Labs Introduces CockroachDB Serverless Build What You Dream and Never Worry about the Database

Cockroach Labs Introduces CockroachDB Serverless Build What You Dream and Never Worry about the Database
Cockroach Labs brings simplicity and elasticity to their popular database-as-a-service offering, with CockroachDB Serverless (beta), enabling developers to build at a low-cost and hassle-free

Cockroach Labs, the company behind CockroachDB, the most highly evolved SQL database on the planet, announced the Beta release of CockroachDB Serverless. CockroachDB Serverless delivers fully elastic cloud data infrastructure fronted by a familiar SQL API that enables developers to start building instantly without planning for availability, performance, or capacity. Available immediately with resources provided on-demand, developers are freed from database operations to focus on what matters most–building world-changing applications. In addition, CockroachDB Serverless is free for small production applications and affordably scales with charges only accruing for the exact resources required.

Despite significant innovation in application development, deployment, and operations over the last three decades, operational databases have seen very little evolution. Traditional relational databases built 20+ years ago that require complex sharding and heavy operational engagement and costs still dominate as the platform for critical applications. According to a [2019] Gartner report, 75% of all databases are expected to be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform by 2022. Data infrastructure is rapidly changing to meet this growing demand.

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“What you build and where it takes you shouldn’t be limited by the capabilities of your database. Since day one at Cockroach Labs, our mission has been to make it easy to build world-changing applications by providing a fundamentally better data infrastructure,” said Spencer Kimball, CEO, and co-founder of Cockroach Labs. “CockroachDB Serverless delivers on the core tenants that CockroachDB was built on six years ago: consistency, resiliency, locality, and scalability, and packages it into a product that is instantly available, easy to live with, and affordable, enabling all developers to build what they dream and never worry about the database again.”

CockroachDB Serverless fundamentally improves how developers work with relational data infrastructure. It is fully elastic, globally distributed, and designed to affordably provide the exact resources needed, everywhere in the world. CockroachDB Serverless enables developers to:

  • Start instantly: Sign up, start your instance, connect using a secure connection string, and start building what you dream.
  • Eliminate database operations: The cloud handles many operations, but you still need to choose machine size and capacity, design your deployment for high availability, and make hands-on changes to address demand. CockroachDB Serverless handles all of this for you by delivering a fully elastic data infrastructure with built-in autoscaling.
  • Autoscale (up & down) to handle any workload: Forget about labor-intensive sharding and planning for scale–gain a platform that automatically and elastically scales compute/storage based on exact needs.
  • Reduce costs: Only pay for the storage and compute resources the application uses–never pay for idle machines again. CockroachDB Serverless offers a significant forever-free tier. This free tier is accessible without a credit card and without commitment.
  • Eliminate downtime: All data is automatically replicated 3x and distributed to help survive outages, with no lift from the developer.
  • Focus on development: CockroachDB Serverless makes it possible to develop code locally, simplify unit testing, and decrease vendor lock-in.

“Early-stage capital is the latest financial services sector experiencing digital disruption, with startup founders increasingly turning to online equity crowdfunding platforms, like ours, in favor of traditional early-stage capital raising methods. In order to set ourselves apart, we knew we needed a unique and seamless user experience which required a powerful database to fuel our platform,” said Josh Stewart, CTO at Birchal. “CockroachDB provides a resilient infrastructure enabling us to promise our customers that their sensitive data is always available even during peak investment periods. Ultimately, we are aiming for a future where our technology is serverless. CockroachDB Serverless means that future is now.”

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