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Cambium Networks’ cnHeat 2.0 Network Planning Subscription Service Enables Fixed Wireless Broadband Network Operators to Optimize Site Performance Faster

Cambium Networks' cnHeat 2.0 Network Planning Subscription Service Enables Fixed Wireless Broadband Network Operators to Optimize Site Performance Faster
Network operators can now optimize performance and revenue with their own heatmap plans for fixed wireless coverage.

Cambium Networks a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, announced the release of cnHeat 2.0 network planning subscription service. With cnHeat 2.0 network operators can now predict the results of their RF plans in a timely manner. The high-resolution heatmapping service uses LiDAR data to optimize coverage, performance, and customer satisfaction while minimizing both OPEX and CAPEX. cnHeat is built upon Cambium Networks’ expertise in fixed wireless Radio Frequency (RF) planning, propagation and modeling integrated with GIS data down to one-meter precision. Thousands of cnHeat models have been made since cnHeat was launched in 2019. With cnHeat 2.0, network designers now plan their own sites and no longer need to request designs and wait days for results to be processed. The system optimizes fixed wireless planning for 60 GHz installations in addition to 2.4 GHz, 3 GHz (including CBRS), 5 GHz and 28 GHz equipment.

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“We use cnHeat 2.0 to not only plan our deployments and optimize field installations for our technicians, but also determine our tower installations and configurations,” said Jennifer Long, Internet Services Manager, Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC). “cnHeat cuts the installation time by telling technicians exactly where on the house to place equipment. Customers are pleased with the quality and speed of our installations.” GVEC offers their customers electric, internet and beyond-the-meter services for residential and commercial customers in Texas. View this video to see how GVEC optimizes customer satisfaction and installation efficiency.

“cnHeat 2.0 provides detailed coverage information that enables operators to tune each site to optimize coverage and performance,” said Dan Sullivan, director of product management, Cambium Networks. “With this information, technicians are dispatched to a site to make exact adjustments with known benefits.”

“It was so easy. I was able to set up my towers in one hour and got the data back quickly,” said Larry Mitchell, business development manager, Twin Valley Telephone in Kansas. “To get everything set up in a matter of hours is extremely beneficial.” View a recording of the cnHeat 2.0 – Real-Time Predictions Controlled by You webinar here.

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cnHeat generates highly accurate RF predictions and derivative services that precisely represent the reality of the RF environment. To streamline the planning process for network operators, cnHeat 2.0 includes the following new features:

  • The service provider has direct control of site installation adjustments, including antenna type, height and mechanical tilt angle, allowing for agile, dynamic, planning
  • The service provider is able to initiate site predictions at their convenience, providing results in a timely manner
  • RF prediction and number of covered buildings are available in a few hours for predictions out to eight miles and in minutes for 60 GHz cnWave™  deployments

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