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Aprecomm’s Network Intelligence Solutions to Enable Broadband Service Providers Scale up Revenues

Aprecomm's Network Intelligence Solutions to Enable Broadband Service Providers Scale up Revenues

Aprecomm, a leading global network intelligence company, has announced plans to launch its well-known network intelligence products Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE), Virtual Network Expert (VNE), SNAP, and xHome (Targeted for Immersive experience) in the European market. These products, when deployed in an ISP network, create a fabric of network intelligence that can assist ISPs in increasing revenues and providing a better experience and reliability to their customers.

Customers seeking unified IoT interfaces and superior connectivity for home are willing to spend on tools that simplify and improve their Quality of Experience (QoE). Aprecomm, in collaboration with service providers, is introducing solutions needed for smart IoT home experience. Aprecomm solutions also reduce OpEx costs and improve customer support and service.

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Aprecomm’s CEO, Pramod Gummaraj, has said that the company’s “End-to-End Network Intelligence fabric helps service providers cut down on rising Opex costs, boost ARPU, and provide a better customer experience. To further penetrate and bring these benefits to the European service provider industry, we anticipate forming additional strategic partnerships in the near future.”

Customer retention has been a growing challenge that service providers are struggling to mitigate. With the world becoming increasingly dependent on the internet, customer experience has taken center stage. Customers tend to change their service providers in case of any deterioration in their Quality of Experience. ISPs are now in a churn leading to a spike in expenditures to keep up with their share of the user base. Aprecomm, with its AI-enabled network intelligence solutions, aims to help ISPs to reduce churn drastically and improve customer retention to a greater extent.

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“Users tend to switch from their existing Internet service provider to a new one as soon as they feel their high set expectations are not met by their Internet service provider,” said Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO of Aprecomm (ISP). Despite the high cost, ISPs have no choice but to invest heavily in customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Aprecomm’s AI-enabled network intelligence solutions have enabled its customers to experience a multitude of benefits including:

  • 35% improvement in first call resolution
  • 30% reduction in average call duration
  • 62% reduction in truck rolls
  • 15% reduction in support workforce

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