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Merida Aerospace Introduces Space of Things: The New Direction of Space Manufacturing

Merida Aerospace Introduces Space of Things: The New Direction of Space Manufacturing

The space industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, and this transformation continues to evolve. Companies dedicated solely to rocket launches or satellite systems, CubeSats, and low-orbit satellites are increasingly falling behind. The new space clients are seeking space companies that offer comprehensive services, enabling them to fulfill their needs from start to finish and access all the necessary technology for their projects in one place with a single company.

Regrettably, such companies are still largely absent in the space industry today. However, Merida Aerospace, a Tampa-based new space start-up, has been working since its inception in 2019 on its innovative concept known as the “Space of Things” or SoT. This concept, introduced by Merida Aerospace, aims to bridge the existing gaps in the space sector by offering comprehensive services and solutions that cater to all needs related to the space industry under one roof.

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By unifying all processes within a single company, Merida Aerospace eliminates the need to collaborate with multiple external suppliers, thereby saving time, money, energy, and resources on new space projects. Inspired by the concept of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), the vision of the “Space of Things” was developed. Similar to the Internet, it seeks to address all inquiries and requests associated with the aerospace industry. However, unlike the Internet, it manifests in the real world, providing a one-stop platform for comprehensive space-related services and products. It can be likened to the “Amazon of Space,” where anything related to the aerospace industry can be found.

Merida Aerospace offers a diverse range of services through its vertical integration, including rocket launch systems, satellites, space data collection, ground control systems for satellites, deep space, rover design and manufacturing, and operating systems for planetary exploration. This comprehensive approach was conceptualized after extensive market research and analysis of private organizations operating in this sector.

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The “Space of Things” concept is set to revolutionize the space industry, driving growth and acceleration while enabling the creation of projects in a fluid and sustainable manner. It has the potential to expedite aerospace missions funded by private investors and companies and provide commercial clients with faster access to aerospace products and services. With a team dedicated to addressing client-specific needs from the design phase to manufacturing and even project deployment into orbit, Merida Aerospace offers a platform that previously did not exist, where clients can find everything they need in one place.

This groundbreaking concept establishes a “one-stop-shop” for the space industry, empowering clients to achieve the completion of their individual projects more efficiently and economically.

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