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InstantGMP introduces new Predecessor Rule Feature that Enhances Batch Record Oversight and Consistency for Manufacturers

InstantGMP introduces new Predecessor Rule Feature that Enhances Batch Record Oversight and Consistency for Manufacturers

InstantGMP, the leading provider of affordable all-in-one software solutions for good manufacturing practices, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Predecessor Rule software feature.

This innovative addition to InstantGMP PRO software enhances both batch production processes and operational efficiencies for manufacturers across a variety of industries.

Designed with the goal of simplifying manufacturing operations, the Predecessor Rule feature allows MPR (Master Production Record) design instructions to capture and implement predecessor rules. This ensures that steps affected by predecessor rules are locked until the prerequisite steps are completed. By enforcing a sequential workflow, manufacturers can adhere to proper procedures, minimize errors during production and meet quality requirements.

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InstantGMP‘s new predecessor rule feature enhances Batch Record oversight and consistency for manufacturers in comparison to traditional working parallel methods, offering significant advantages. With working parallel, steps can be carried out simultaneously or randomly, leading to potential confusion and deviations from standard protocols and procedures.

In contrast, the Predecessor Rule feature establishes a clear and controlled workflow by locking subsequent steps until their predecessors are fulfilled. This ensures proper sequencing and eliminates the risk of premature or out-of-order activities.

InstantGMP’s new Predecessor Rule feature goes beyond conventional manufacturing software capabilities.It ensures compliance with industry regulations, streamlines production workflows, and minimizes the risk of errors and adulterations, all while offering an intuitive user interface that simplifies complex processes.

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What truly sets InstantGMP’s Predecessor Rule software feature apart is its accessibility and affordability. While advanced functionalities like predecessor rules are typically found in high-end, costly software solutions, InstantGMP is committed to making premium features available to small and mid-size manufacturers at an affordable cost. By providing access to cutting-edge capabilities, InstantGMP empowers manufacturers to optimize their production processes and compete at a higher level.

“We are proud to introduce this advanced functionality that reduces operator error, gives production managers greater control over more consistent processes, and provides greater oversight to manufacturers,” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP. “By including advanced features in the software that’s available at an affordable cost, InstantGMP reaffirms its commitment to providing small and mid-size manufacturers with state-of-the-art tools that enhance their operations.”

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