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Vybium, a European Semiconductor Firm, Develops AI/ML Accelerators Using Stream Computing NPU IP

Vybium, a European Semiconductor Firm, Develops AI/ML Accelerators Using Stream Computing NPU IP

Vybium is a fabless semiconductor startup building RISC-V-based solutions that will support European Digital Strategic Sovereignty & Semiconductor self-reliance

Last week, the RISC-V Summit Europe in Munich introduced Vybium, an emerging European startup dedicated to AI Accelerator products.

Vybium aims to enhance European digital strategic autonomy through its innovative RISC-V-based solutions.

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Vybium operates as a fabless semiconductor company, currently in stealth mode. Founded by VRULL (Austria) and Software Ecosystem Solutions (Albania), Vybium focuses on developing AI-accelerated solutions leveraging the RISC-V ISA across various verticals.

To expedite its market entry, Vybium emphasizes the development of industry-leading AI/ML solutions with comprehensive end-to-end software support.

To swiftly achieve best-in-class performance, Vybium has licensed NPU IP from Stream Computing, enhancing it with new data types, sparsity support, and higher-bandwidth memory solutions.

“Vybium is committed to delivering products developed in Europe that reflect the European perspective, providing end-to-end RISC-V solutions tailored to the needs of European industrial companies,” said Dr. Philipp Tomsich. “The rapid growth of AI/ML across applications has shifted customer priorities. We address these needs promptly with our production-proven NPU IP from Stream Computing.”

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Andy Mei, CEO of Stream Computing, added, “Empowering Vybium to develop their silicon by innovating on our NPU IP accelerates the development of European AI/ML accelerators to compete with Nvidia. This shared technology base supports broader, open-source software enablement, creating a true win-win.”

Vybium’s initial product line will focus on AI/ML accelerator cards, aiming to compete with Nvidia’s A100 family. Subsequent designs will integrate RISC-V general-purpose compute with AI/ML for embedded, industrial, and edge applications, following the initial focus on datacenter, cloud, and enterprise AI/ML acceleration.

Positioned as a formidable alternative to industry leaders, Vybium leverages VRULL’s software expertise and Stream Computing’s advanced NPU IP. This strategic partnership enables Vybium to deliver cutting-edge RISC-V AI/ML technologies with superior performance. As Vybium advances, it will play a critical role in driving European semiconductor innovation, enhancing digital independence, and providing robust solutions for industrial and enterprise applications across Europe and beyond.

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