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The Hackett Group Launches Ai XPLR: A Pioneering Gen AI Readiness and Opportunity Assessment

The Hackett Group Launches Ai XPLR: A Pioneering Gen AI Readiness and Opportunity Assessment

Provides the Ability to Define the Value Realization Impact from Gen AI Strategies

The Hackett Group, a leading benchmarking, executive advisory and strategic consultancy, has launched Ai XPLR, a readiness and opportunity assessment that leverages the extensive proprietary benchmark database of The Hackett Group to enable companies to quickly and comprehensively identify opportunities to harness artificial intelligence (AI) across key business services domains, including finance, procurement, human resources and global business services (GBS) organizations. The Hackett Group’s Ai XPLR is the tip of the spear and first of many new generative AI-related offerings that will be introduced by the company.

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“Unlock Your AI Potential with Ai XPLR”

Ai XPLR enables companies to complete a process-level assessment in 30 days or less. It utilizes a comprehensive database of AI solutions and real-world use cases that help companies identify and maximize where AI can be most beneficial and cost-effective to implement. It includes more than 200 actionable use cases, with information on the tools, data and skills needed for implementation.

Generative AI (Gen AI), in combination with other AI technologies, will have a profound potential impact on selling, general and administrative (SG&A) costs and staffing, enabling reductions of up to 40% over the next five to seven years, according to recent research from The Hackett Group.

“As we stand on the leading edge of the AI revolution, it’s clear that the opportunities for innovation and growth are immense,” said Chris Brennan, The Hackett Group executive vice president. “Ai XPLR is not just a tool for improving efficiency – it’s a catalyst for reinventing how we do business. The Hackett Group is committed to helping clients explore the vast potential of AI and harness its power to drive transformative change. Through strategic investments in AI technologies and partnerships, we aim to unlock new possibilities that will not only benefit our clients but also shape a smarter, more efficient future.”

According to Paulo Dominguez, Global AI and Digital Enablement Practice leader, “For decades, The Hackett Group has been guiding companies in their business transformation efforts, helping them deliver greater business value, higher levels of operational excellence and an improved customer experience. Today, AI is a revolutionary part of the journey towards Digital World Class performance. But it can be very challenging for companies to properly assess their AI readiness, identify the low hanging fruit for their initial AI implementations and truly understand AI use cases and technology.”

“Our Ai XPLR readiness assessment is a game-changer that empowers and streamlines the digital transformation process,” Dominguez explained. “Using the in-depth proprietary performance data in our benchmarking database as a starting point, it allows organizations to quickly and easily evaluate their current AI readiness and pinpoint and implement specific process areas where AI can drive the greatest benefit. Then our detailed best practice flows and pre-built AI solutions can enhance a company’s comfort and proficiency with AI and help them make it an integral part of their strategy.”

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Elements of The Hackett Group’s Ai XPLR include:

  • A taxonomy-based AI profile heatmap that provides a structured and visual method to assess the current state of AI readiness within the organization.
  • A pre-built AI effectiveness potential tool that offers insights into the potential impact of AI on different organizational aspects, aiding in readiness assessment.
  • Detailed best practices process flows that guide organizations in identifying and implementing AI solutions in processes where they can be most effective.
  • A built-in digital worker model allows for a task-level qualification of AI profiles, helping to pinpointing specific processes and tasks that can benefit from AI.
  • Educational resources and case studies that deepen the understanding of AI use cases.
  • More than 200 pre-built AI-based solutions for a broad range of use cases across different business functions.

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