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SupportLogic Acquires Emtropy Labs to Automate QA for Enterprise Customer Support

SupportLogic Acquires Emtropy Labs to Automate QA for Enterprise Customer Support

Combines SupportLogic’s Prediction and Workflow Engine with Emtropy’s Continuous Quality Monitoring to Enable Proactive Revenue Retention

SupportLogic, the world’s first Support Experience management platform, is announcing the acquisition of Emtropy Labs, Inc., a provider of technology that automates quality assurance (QA) for enterprise support centers.

Emtropy Labs helps companies to improve agent performance and reduce customer churn by analyzing 100% of customer interactions while enabling coaching loops in near real-time. The Emtropy team will join SupportLogic and its technology will be integrated within the core SupportLogic SX platform.

Today’s announcement further demonstrates SupportLogic’s vision and commitment to helping organizations unlock the value of customer signals from every support interaction while helping every role and function deliver amazing customer experiences and differentiate their brands.

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TSIA benchmark data shows that companies with formal quality monitoring programs significantly improve the experience for both customers and agents. SupportLogic announced their first agent coaching and quality monitoring product last year. The addition of Emtropy Labs will increase the breadth and depth of automatic QA by providing 100% case coverage, omnichannel insights and analysis leveraging Emtropy’s bespoke AI models.

Large language models such as ChatGPT have recently gained much media attention. Still, most B2B businesses don’t have access to a large volume of data to train machine learning models for their private data. Emtropy lab’s domain-specific machine learning models combined with SupportLogic’s access to global datasets is a powerful combination that enables customers to achieve high-quality results even with very little data.

“How your support agents communicate with your customers impacts your brand experience. B2B companies have relied on tedious manual case audits to safeguard company brand image and customer experience,” said Krishna Raj Raja, Founder and CEO, SupportLogic. “With the addition of Emtropy Labs, we are enabling organizations to auto QA their support and deliver a world-class support experience without additional investment in people, processes, or technology.”

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“At Emtropy Labs, our mission is to help fast growing CX teams leverage their data and help efficiently scale their resources to improve customer outcomes. To achieve this, we built the first continuous AI-powered QA and coaching solution,” said Harish Batlapenumarthy, Founder and CEO, Emtropy Labs. “The stellar SupportLogic team under Krishna’s leadership has built a remarkable platform that is helping the best enterprises manage escalations, backlog, and case routing. We are thrilled to now work together to enable more businesses to deliver best-in-class experiences for their customers and agents.”

“We believe in providing exceptional customer experiences that leverage the best of human potential and technology,” said Bharati Amarnani, Sr. Director of Customer Support at Coda Payments. “Emtropy Labs provides actionable agent coaching insights by automating quality assurance reviews from our complex stream of customer interactions in 21 languages and 65 countries. We are excited to see them join forces with SupportLogic to leverage their advanced support experience platform capabilities.”

“TSIA’s Channel Preference Study has documented how customers are adopting new interaction channels for support, including voice, web chat, SMS texting, WhatsApp, etc. The reality is that most support centers add these channels one at a time, using specialist providers, and currently do not have solutions in place where they can extract customer and agent coaching insights from these channels,” said John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher and VP of Technology Ecosystems for TSIA. “A comprehensive quality monitoring (QM) program must analyze every interaction, across every channel. Without technology for omnichannel QM, such as the tools provided by Emtropy Labs, you will never have a full understanding of the customer experience or identify friction points impacting long-term account profitability.”

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