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Now Video Editing is More Creative with AI Tools in Adobe Premiere Pro

Now Video Editing is More Creative with AI Tools in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is the most engaging storytelling platform for creative editors. Video’s role in storytelling spans from concise social media posts to elaborate cinematic productions. Within this landscape, Adobe’s suite of video tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition, stands as the industry benchmark for creating professional-grade video content. Over the past decade, Adobe has consistently introduced AI-driven innovations, revolutionizing editing, sound design, color grading, and visual effects.

Embracing the potential of generative AI as a catalyst for human creativity, Adobe strategically integrates this technology across its Creative Cloud platform. The Premiere Pro team has actively collaborated with the professional video community to discern the tangible benefits of generative AI in addressing real-world editing challenges. Editors seek to leverage generative AI to streamline workflows, enhance creative control, and expedite tasks. Three pivotal requirements have emerged:

  1. Integrating AI effortlessly into existing workflows, particularly within tools like Premiere Pro.
  2. Optimizing editing efficiency through the swift manipulation of existing content with generative AI, facilitating tasks such as object addition, removal, and seamless clip extensions.
  3. Providing a diverse selection of AI models tailored to various editing needs.

Introducing Adobe’s vision for embedding generative AI workflows directly into Adobe Premiere Pro. This launch brings forth a suite of innovative tools to extend shot durations, facilitate object manipulation, and automate the generation of supplementary footage. Refining interfaces and workflows to harness the capabilities of generative AI, Adobe empowers professional editors to accomplish unprecedented feats without departing from the familiar confines of Premiere Pro.

Latest Advances in Adobe’s AI Tools for Video Editing

Adobe Firefly Video Model and Third-Party Generative AI Models

In pursuit of our vision, we’re developing cutting-edge video AI models. The rapid strides in research and innovation in this domain are poised to deliver professional-grade outcomes in the upcoming year. Among these developments is the forthcoming Firefly Video Model, which complements our existing Firefly Image, Vector, Design, and Text Effects Models suite.

Expansion of Premiere Pro’s Partner Ecosystem

Premiere Pro boasts a robust partner and plugin ecosystem, ensuring adaptability to diverse workflows. We’re sharing our initial forays into integrating third-party generative AI tools and models with Premiere Pro to enrich this ecosystem further. Partnerships with entities like OpenAI’s Sora, RunwayML, and Pika are a testament to our commitment to broadening the toolset available to our users.

Introducing New AI-Powered Features
  1. Generative Extend: Easily extend shot durations by generating additional frames at the beginning or end of a clip. This tool facilitates fine-tuning edits, prolonging moments for emphasis, or smoothing transitions with a simple click-and-drag interface.
  2. Object Addition and Object Removal: Leveraging AI-driven masking and tracking, editors can swiftly select and manipulate moving objects. This feature enables seamless object replacement, eradication of unwanted elements, or swift addition of set embellishments like paintings or photorealistic props.
  3. Generative B-Roll: Say goodbye to tedious B-roll hunts with this AI-powered tool. Using intuitive text prompts, generate custom video clips tailored to your narrative needs. Whether illustrating complex concepts or filling gaps in footage, this feature streamlines the creative process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

An Innovative Approach to AI Model Delivery

With the rapid innovation in Generative AI, Adobe embraces an open approach. This involves fostering open platforms and forging strategic partnerships to ensure customers can access desired capabilities precisely where needed. Collaborative endeavors with industry leaders such as OpenAI and Pika empower customers to select the optimal model for their specific use cases.

Recognizing the variability in model training methodologies, Adobe steadfastly commits to transparency. Content Credentials serve as a beacon of transparency, akin to a nutrition label for content creation. By incorporating Content Credentials within Premiere Pro, Adobe establishes a seamless chain of trust from content creation through editing to publication, ensuring consumers are informed about the underlying AI models utilized in their media consumption experience.

The transformative potential of AI to enhance productivity and facilitate entry into novel mediums is undeniable. Adobe perceives creativity as an inherently human attribute and eagerly anticipates further dialogue with the creative community as it ushers in the era of generative AI within Premiere Pro.


1. What is Generative AI, and how does it impact video editing?

Generative AI is a technology that can autonomously produce content, such as images, text, or video, based on a given input or set of parameters. In video editing, generative AI can streamline workflows, enhance creative control, and expedite tasks like extending shot durations or adding/removing objects.

2. How does Adobe integrate generative AI into its Premiere Pro software?

Adobe integrates generative AI into Premiere Pro by developing tools and features that leverage AI algorithms to enhance editing capabilities. These tools can perform tasks such as extending shot durations, adding or removing objects, and generating supplementary footage, all within the Premiere Pro interface.

3. What are the benefits of using generative AI in video editing?

The benefits of using generative AI in video editing include increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, enhanced creative control, and the ability to achieve complex editing tasks easily. Additionally, generative AI can help reduce the time and effort required to create high-quality video content.

4. How does Adobe ensure transparency in using AI models within Premiere Pro?

Adobe ensures transparency in using AI models within Premiere Pro through Content Credentials. Like a nutrition label for content creation, Content Credentials provide users with information about the AI models used in their editing process, helping them make informed decisions about their content.

5. Can users choose different AI models for different editing tasks in Premiere Pro?

Yes, users can choose from various AI models for different editing tasks in Premiere Pro. Adobe collaborates with industry leaders like OpenAI and Pika to offer diverse AI tools and models that cater to various editing needs and preferences.

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