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Datametrex Launches Smart Factory Platform


Datametrex AI Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Company is launching Smart Factory AI technology, which is based on AI, big data, and server automation operating system technologies. The Company is preparing for the first initial release in the United States with room for expansion internationally.

Additionally, the Company has received Purchase Orders (“P.O”) for approximately $200,000 CAD from various multinational companies including Lotte Data Communication Co., Ltd. (“Lotte”), Woongjin Co. Ltd (“Woongjin”), and Kolon Benit (“Kolon”).

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The Smart Factory Manufacturing Market size is projected to reach USD 727 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12%. The growth is greatly influenced by businesses able to minimize cost and labor of operations and manufacturing.

In a recent survey, 75 percent (75%) of respondents say smart manufacturing would increase their company’s competitiveness with increased productivity.

Smart Factory Manufacturing simplifies company’s needs by eliminating human error by utilizing ICT technologies which can streamline production and processing while maintaining sustainability, safety, and product quality. Smart Factories benefit manufactures by creating faster and more cost-efficient processes to get products made.

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Benefits of Smart Factory Manufacturing:

Better Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Smart manufacturing improves productivity and engagement by making it easier for employees to communicate. Information can be personalized and customized to better align with the company’s manufacturing goals.

Improved Data Insights

Digital information allows for better resource usage and optimizes operational plant performance. You get more data, faster. Real-time reporting creates better problem-solving solutions and improves productivity.

Maximized Efficiency

The smart factory reduces human manual handling by leveraging automation. The factory becomes more efficient because production can be real-time responsive.

Better Safety and Quality Control

Since smart manufacturing systems capture data automatically, businesses use data to increase safety and quality. You can customize automatic reporting structures and build quality control routines into the system.

Minimize Human Errors

Easier and more-direct machine instructions, inline quality checks, and real-time monitoring can reduce the number of human errors to nearly zero.

“The size of Smart Factory market is expected to grow more than 60% this year compared to 2020. Applying our technology in the Smart Factory market is another milestone and accomplishment for Datametrex. We are thrilled to expand our machine learning technology to help businesses improve. Additionally, Datametrex is proud to be able to provide our AI technology services to some of the most notable IT and AI companies. Providing AI tools to help our clients optimize their business and alleviate risk factors is at the core of what our technology provides,” said Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company.

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