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Aporia & ClearML Launch New Full-Stack MLOps Platform Partnership

Aporia & ClearML Launch New Full-Stack MLOps Platform Partnership
Leaders in MLOps launch new partnership unlocking access to the first true full-stack, end-to-end MLOps solution.

Aporia, the customizable ML observability platform, and ClearML, the only unified end-to-end MLOPs platform to develop, orchestrate, and automate ML workflows at scale, announced an end-to-end solution to help data scientists, ML engineers and DevOps teams perfect their ML pipelines. Through this new partnership, Data scientists and DevOps teams will be able to use the combined power of ClearML and Aporia to significantly shorten their time-to-value and time-to-revenue by ensuring ML projects are executed successfully and make it to commercial production more efficiently from building to deployment and monitoring.

As data scientists and ML engineers work to create applications that drive value, ML teams must jump through numerous hoops  from data experimentation and tracking to data operations and orchestrating until a model is ready for production. With so many moving parts involved in operationalizing ML at scale, too much time is invested in learning how to use and integrate the required point solution tool for each stage of the process. Data science, ML engineers and DevOps teams need a frictionless one-stop-shop, end-to-end integrated solution that optimizes their entire workflow from training to production throughout the entire ML value chain.

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“As an open source company dedicated to giving the data science, ML engineering, and DevOps communities the tools they need to do more with their machine and deep learning projects, we’re excited to integrate with Aporia to add cloud-native ML observability to our unified, end-to-end MLOPs platform,” said Moses Guttman, CEO and Co-founder of ClearML. “The result of this joint effort means that our customers can do even more from the very start without the friction  using ClearML to build, train, orchestrate, and serve their models seamlessly and with just two lines of code and Aporia to monitor, explain, and improve those models once they hit production.

ClearML is an open-source MLOps platform that automates and simplifies developing and managing machine learning solutions for data science, ML engineers and DevOps teams at scale. Designed as a frictionless, unified end-to-end MLOps suite, it brings the CI/CD automation approach into ML development & production allowing customers to focus on developing their ML code and pipelines, while also ensuring their work is automated, reproducible, and scalable. With ClearML for Enterprise, customers significantly shorten their time-to-value and time-to-revenue, ensuring operationalizing ML at scale is executed successfully and make it to production efficiently.

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In a category dominated by fragmented point solutions and walled garden closed semi-platforms, ClearML delivers an open-sourced, comprehensive offering that enables companies to scale their MLOps while successfully bridging the innovation and revenue gaps with the company’s unified end-to-end platform.

Once a model is deployed into production by ClearML, Aporia’s customizable ML observability solution seamlessly empowers data science and ML teams to trust their AI, enabling them to monitor, explain, investigate and solve issues like data & concept drift, performance degradation and model decay.

Aporia does this with customizable model monitoring to trigger live alerts when a model is spiraling, a dashboard that provides visibility of all models under a single pane of glass, and an ‘Investigate and Explain’ capability that gets to the root cause of any issue delivering explainable AI that gives human-readablemeaning to model predictions for business stakeholders.

“As an MLOps leader, ensuring data science and ML teams can trust their ML model predictions, we see immense value for our customers in integrating with ClearML’s open source MLOps platform to provide a true end-to-end solution from training to production and beyond,” said Liran Hason, CEO and Co-Founder of Aporia. “There are so many different tools and moving parts to pull from when setting off on this hero’s path to build, train, serve, monitor, and explain machine learning models. We’re excited to team up with ClearML and provide a one-stop-shop MLOps platform to scale ML with confidence.”

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