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Instruqt Has Another Record Year as Demand for Product-led Growth and Demo Automation Continues to Rise

Instruqt Has Another Record Year as Demand for Product-led Growth and Demo Automation Continues to Rise

Instruqt, the only Product Growth Suite in the market, announced it had achieved new milestones in customer acquisition, product adoption, and new platform capabilities. In 2022, Instruqt saw a 350% revenue growth and added 40+ new logos to its portfolio of customers.

“Instruqt is changing the face of product adoption. Today’s buyers look for an i******, hands-on feel of a product without the high-pressure sales pitch. As a platform where selling and learning collide, Instruqt makes it easy to build hands-on demos and training that give real context and meaning behind any product story you tell!“ – Coert Baart, CEO of Instruqt.

Many of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative software companies are customers of Instruqt. Red Hat, MongoDB, Datadog, Sysdig, Codefresh, Kasten by Veeam, and many others use Instruqt to create demos, training, workshops, and product tours. Its growing customer base continues to praise the technology that effectively demonstrates the value of its products at every revenue touchpoint. Software companies are under more pressure to sell with fewer resources in the current economy. Instruqt has proven to help increase presales productivity, scale demand generation, and customer education.

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In 2022, Instruqt introduced numerous new capabilities on the platform. It has launched two very cool features (Live Events and LTI Support) to make its customers’ life easier when running workshops and training sessions. Additionally, it has made enhancements to improve the content creation experience, as well as the users’ experience. Earlier in the year, the platform also added native Windows support.

“As we enter the new year, our updates and new features are designed with our customers and their users in mind. As a result, in 2023, we’ll focus on three main areas: 1) Allow for swift and meaningful adoption of any product by improving the versatility of Instruqt; 2) Simplify our set-up flow with seamless integrations and no-code customization. 3) Double-down on Product Intelligence by unfolding customer intent, product bottlenecks, and tangible business opportunities,” says Alon Gildoni, VP of Product, Instruqt.

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