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Daily Roundup: 10 IT, Cloud Computing, and InfoSec News You Can’t Miss

Daily Roundup: 10 IT, Cloud Computing, and InfoSec News You Can’t Miss

Get the most out of CIO Influence’s comprehensive daily IT news roundups to stay ahead in the information technology sector. Get current news in the IT sector about key domains such as cloud computingdata managementcybersecurity, and information security. Our curated updates include IT breaking news, tech partnerships, innovative IT solutions, and evolving security policies, keeping you informed on current industry happenings.

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#1 Cloudflare Announces Acquisition of BastionZero to Strengthen Remote Access to Core IT Systems

Cloudflare, a leader in connectivity cloud company, announced the acquisition of BastionZero, a Zero Trust infrastructure access platform, to further strengthen remote access to core IT systems for customers of Cloudflare One, the company’s secure access service edge (SASE) platform.

The Acquisition offers:

  • IT and security teams Zero Trust controls for infrastructure like servers, Kubernetes clusters, and databases.
  • This expands the scope of Cloudflare’s VPN replacement solution beyond apps and networks to infrastructure resources.
  • Security teams can centralize management of even more of their hybrid IT environment while using standard Zero Trust practices to keep DevOps teams productive and secure.

BastionZero Integration Enhances Remote Access for Hybrid and Remote IT Teams, Resulting in — Increased compliance, Increased Security, Increased control and Reduced complexity.

#2 Eviden Announces Selection by the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne to Supply New Supercomputer

Eviden, the leading Atos company in the field of advanced computing, has announced that it has been selected by the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) to supply the university with a new supercomputer for its Regional Computing Center ROMEO, located in Reims.

What will this new Supercomputer bring in comparison to the previous one?

This new equipment, which replaces URCA’s previous supercomputer of the same name, is based on Eviden’s BullSequana XH3000 technology, manufactured in Europe and offering a total capacity of 8 petaflops (i.e. 8 million billion calculations per second). The solution is powered by NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips and connected by NVIDIA QUANTUM-2 InfiniBand Networking. As part of this project, Eviden’s Expertise Center in Performance Programming (CEPP) will support URCA for 5 years, providing expertise in advanced computing (HPC and AI). In maximizing workload efficiency, CEPP accelerates simulation, optimizes performance, and reduces innovation costs.


Enable URCA to establish long-term HPC research in Reims, particularly in bioeconomics and environment sciences, and extend its influence at the national and European level as part of the Grand Est Numérique Intensif (GENI) regional coordination program.

In addition to its high level of performance and availability, this supercomputer will be one of the most eco-efficient machines in Europe, thanks to the extensive use of NVIDIA accelerated computing and networking technologies and hot-water cooling of the computing servers and rack, based on Eviden’s patented DLC (direct liquid cooling) technology.

#3 HCLTech AI Force is now available on Google Cloud’s Gemini models

HCLTech, a leading global technology company, announced that HCLTech AI Force is now available on Google Cloud’s Gemini models. HCLTech’s patented system-agnostic GenAI platform, designed to fast-track the value of GenAI investments, has integrated Google’s multimodal large language model (LLM) Gemini to enable innovation at scale. Along with accessibility and support for Gemini applications, HCLTech AI Force comes with robust security and governance measures.

Solutions powered by Gemini models include: 

  • Intelligent asset tracking
  • Improving material movement within plants for manufacturing
  • A core PLM (Production Lifecycle Management) solution

Additional industry solutions for mobile providers target augmented network automation (ANA) and net-zero intelligence operations (NIO) to drive down energy consumption.

#4 Persistent Systems Chooses Zscaler to Launch Technology Modernization and Renewable Energy

Zscaler,  the leader in cloud security, announced that Persistent Systems, a global organization delivering digital engineering enterprise modernization services and solutions, is utilizing the Zscaler Zero Trust
Exchange cloud security platform to drive its zero trust initiatives while concurrently expanding its business operations and achieving its environmental sustainability objectives.

One of the fastest-growing IT services brands, Persistent, sought a partner with trusted technology to support its digital transformation and shared its environmental, social and governance corporate values.

#5 Keeper Security Introduces Upgraded User Interface (UI) for its Browser Extension

Keeper Security, a provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software protecting p********, passkeys, privileged access, secrets and remote connections, introduced an upgraded User Interface (UI) rollout for its browser extension – now available across all supported browsers. With a modernized design and simplified process of finding and creating user records, the refreshed UI continues Keeper’s ongoing UI enhancements throughout its entire line of solutions. The updated browser extension features a range of improvements tailored to meet the evolving needs of users, which were guided by Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback.


  • Effortless Record Management: Records now appear directly on the extension homepage, allowing quick access and a streamlined user experience.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Users can easily search and find records using improved search capabilities, including new sorting options and filters by type.
  • Simplified Record Creation: With one-click record creation and “quick adding” functionality, users can effortlessly generate new records, accelerating the process.
  • Improved Account Visibility: A dropdown feature enables users with multiple accounts to navigate between them seamlessly, enhancing accessibility.

#6 Lantronix Announces Innovative Perception Cloud Software Platform and new FOX4 and Bolero 43

Lantronix Inc., a leader in compute and connectivity IoT solutions, announced that its innovative Percepxion Cloud Software Platform and new FOX4 and Bolero 43 edge compute telematic trackers will debut at the upcoming IoT Solutions World Congress from May 21–23, 2024, at Barcelona’s Gran Via Venue. Lantronix also previews its upcoming Tracx centralized, browser-based hub for comprehensive fleet and asset management.

According to Berg Insight, global shipments of aftermarket telematic devices will grow at a CAGR of 10.5 percent in the next five years, reaching 77.6 million units in 2027. The total market value is estimated to reach $3.7 billion by 2027. Lantronix’s innovative hardware and software effectively target this market, supporting these growth trends.

#7 Lucasys Welcomes Rob Yankovich to its Team

Lucasys, a leading cloud software and service provider for rate-regulated utilities, announced the addition of industry veteran Rob Yankovich to its team.

Yankovich’s career spans over thirty years, during which he has worked with more than one hundred rate-regulated utilities and other energy companies. He has implemented, supported, and developed software systems for regulated tax accounting, tax provision, fixed asset accounting, budgeting and forecasting, and production cost modeling solutions throughout this period. By leveraging the data within these systems, Yankovich has addressed regulatory and business issues, providing valuable insights and solutions to utilities.

#8 Fortude Announces Strategic Partnership with Accure

Fortude, a global enterprise and digital technology solutions company, has announced its strategic partnership with Accure, an output solutions provider for Infor M3. This partnership aims to enhance the Infor M3 and CloudSuite user experience by combining Accure’s innovative solutions with Fortude’s expertise in Infor implementations.

The partnership between Fortune and Accure represents a significant step forward and offers Infor M3 users the right tools to leap into the Cloud. The two companies are excited to help businesses better manage their document output processes, paving the way for greater efficiency, productivity, and growth.

#9 Crowdstrike’s Strategic Partnership Announcements of the Day

1. CrowdStrike and Ignition’s Expanded Partnership to Drive Cybersecurity Transformation 

CrowdStrike has announced an expanded distribution partnership with Ignition Technology to bring the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon cybersecurity platform to Ignition’s Nordic partner base. Ignition’s partner networks in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland will gain access to the Falcon platform, which will drive vendor consolidation and stop breaches with the world’s most advanced AI-native cybersecurity.

Ignition is committed to bringing the best cybersecurity solutions to its global partner base. CrowdStrike and Ignition’s expanded partnership builds on rapid market traction in the UK, enabling partners to address customer challenges around consolidating costs and simplifying cybersecurity. Ignition’s go-to-market strategy, channel development expertise and expansive partner network of leading solutions providers will accelerate adoption of the Falcon platform’s cutting-edge capabilities across all key attack surfaces to drive cybersecurity transformation in the Nordics.

2. CrowdStrike and eSentire Expanded Partnership to Integrate Threat Intelligence

CrowdStrike and eSentire, a leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider, today announced an expanded partnership to integrate threat intelligence and power eSentire’s 24/7 managed security operations with the breadth of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon cybersecurity platform. In the expanded partnership, eSentire is doubling down on CrowdStrike to fulfill customer consolidation needs and take over the protection of global Carbon Black accounts, while CrowdStrike is deepening its commitment to unleashing the power of AI-native cybersecurity with eSentire’s award-winning MDR.

The velocity of cyber attacks continues to increase, with breakout times now measured in minutes. At the same time, security leaders face a growing cybersecurity skills gap and uncertainty in how to de-risk their technology investments with point products unable to satisfy customer needs. The expanded partnership between CrowdStrike and eSentire provides customers with better intelligence, protection and value. The powerful combination of best-in-class Falcon platform capabilities across Endpoint Detection and Response, Identity Threat Detection and Response, Intelligence and Threat Hunting, Cloud Security and Next-Gen SIEM, and eSentire’s cutting-edge MDR solution with expert security practitioners delivering investigation and threat response provides customers with the managed protection they need to stop breaches.

3. CrowdStrike and Cloudflare to Enhance Security

CrowdStrike and Cloudflare Inc., the leading connectivity cloud company, announced an expansion of their strategic partnership, connecting their platforms to enhance security from the device to the network, accelerating Security Operations Center (SOC) transformation, and stopping breaches at scale.

Now combining cloud-native, market-leading Zero Trust protection and connectivity from Cloudflare One with best-in-class AI-native cybersecurity from CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM on the CrowdStrike Falcon cybersecurity platform, joint channel partners can drive vendor consolidation while reducing cost and operational complexity for customers worldwide.

#10 Acer Unveils Two New Acer Chromebook Plus Enterprise Laptops

Acer introduced two new Acer Chromebook Plus Enterprise laptops, both designed with powerful technology and Google AI capabilities that ensure businesses, their workforces and frontline employees are equipped with the latest technology to work in the cloud more efficiently and securely.

Both new Chromebook Plus Enterprise models – the Acer Chromebook Plus Enterprise 515 and Acer Chromebook Plus Enterprise Spin 514 – come with the business capabilities of ChromeOS unlocked, ensuring best-in-class security, simple management, flexible access, and enhanced administrative support, all coupled with double the speed, memory and storage. The Acer Chromebook Plus Spin 514 (CP514-4HN) is also available for consumers or individuals.

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