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ADVA Leads AI-NET-PROTECT Project to Build Resilient and Secure Private Networks

ADVA Leads AI-NET-PROTECT Project to Build Resilient and Secure Private Networks

ADVA announced that it’s leading the AI-NET-PROTECT project, driving automated resilience and security in private networks and critical infrastructure. The project will address u***** challenges, including the threat of quantum computing to break the encryption that businesses and governments currently rely on to ensure data c************** and availability. AI-NET-PROTECT is a consortium of European industry and research partners working together to develop open and scalable network architectures with AI-based management and network protection. The initiative will develop technology that leverages real-time telemetry and intelligent control, helping to increase automation, simplify operations and safeguard sensitive information.

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“As the leader of AI-NET-PROTECT, we’re helping to lay the foundations for tomorrow’s intelligent and secure enterprise and government networks. Together with our partners across four countries, we’re creating solutions that harness automation and rapid threat detection for new levels of resilience and data protection,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA. “The AI-NET-PROTECT project will help improve our open networking technology, including our versatile FSP 3000 open line system and our ultra-flexible TeraFlex terminal, as well as our ConnectGuard encryption solution and our pioneering work driving quantum-resistant communications technology.”

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AI-NET-PROTECT is one of three sub-projects of the Accelerating Digital Transformation in Europe with Intelligent Network Automation (AI-NET) initiative. Also coordinated by ADVA, this flagship CELTIC-NEXT project is a 74-million-euro public-private partnership bringing together major players from across the industry. Running until August 2024, it aims to tackle increasing complexity by shifting cloud infrastructure from its current centralized model towards edge-centric computing using 5G and AI. As well as developing tools to give end-customers access to unprecedented agility, functionality, and scale, AI-NET will address global supply chain challenges and promote sustainable growth in Europe.

“Businesses across all industries urgently need to exploit the benefits of digital transformation. Being able to securely harness digital data and act on real-time information will be key to Europe’s future prosperity and competitiveness in the global market. That’s why we’re leading AI-NET and bringing our network and service assurance expertise to the AI-NET-PROTECT project,” commented Achim Autenrieth, director, advanced technology, ADVA. “The work we produce in our labs over the next three years will take network telemetry and intelligent control to the next level. Together with our partners, we’ll create the blueprints for tomorrow’s secure transport networks.”

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