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Nucamp Launches Unique Coding Education for Businesses to Quickly and Non-Disruptively Upskill Existing Workforce

Nucamp Launches Unique Coding Education for Businesses to Quickly and Non-Disruptively Upskill Existing Workforce

When paired with an educational assistance program that provides a $5,250 federal tax deduction per employee per year, Nucamp for Business presents a tax-free solution to help employers meet skyrocketing demand for tech-skilled workers Nucamp, a leading provider of top rated and affordable coding bootcamps nationwide, today announced it is extending the reach of its comprehensive online coding curriculum to companies and their workforces with the launch of Nucamp for Business. Nucamp’s unique technology training model allows workers to take classes at their own pace, making workforce education and employee upskilling more efficient and less disruptive for businesses. Built with support from ETF@JFFLabs, the first and highest-impact venture fund focused exclusively on workforce development and the future of work, Nucamp has enhanced its infrastructure, facilitated employee training enrollment, and streamlined the payment process for employers to create a turnkey workforce training program for technology curriculum.

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Since 2017, Nucamp’s mission has been to make coding education affordable and accessible to everyone, with its initial focus on career shifters left out of the digital economy. By authoring its own curriculum based on the most in-demand technologies employers seek and developing a system to deliver the classroom experience with a dedicated instructor at scale, Nucamp has been able to fulfill its promise of providing high-quality coding education at an affordable price to consumers, an accomplishment reflected by its rapid growth.

Now, with Nucamp for Business, companies can gain access to Nucamp’s high-quality, cost-effective education for their employees without the added expense of maintaining an in-house training department. Nucamp provides the expertise, infrastructure, convenience, and up-to-date content, so companies can allocate resources to running their business and focus on supporting their clients. Plus, organizations with a qualified educational assistance program are eligible for a federal tax deduction of $5,250 per year per employee. Considering the price points for any one of Nucamp’s bootcamps, this means eligible companies can effectively train their employees tax free. For other employers that want to take advantage of this, Nucamp has also created a guide to make those requirements that much easier to understand and satisfy.

“If you want to make education accessible, you have to make it affordable. Nucamp is living proof that quality education doesn’t have to be expensive, and we aim to bring our accessible model to businesses keen on upskilling their workforce to stay relevant,” said Ludovic Fourrage, Founder and CEO of Nucamp. “This launch in partnership with Jobs for the Future is a testament to Nucamp’s current success and the opportunity ahead.”

“Nucamp’s proven track record of delivering affordable, high-value coding education at scale demonstrates continued commitment to its mission to make technical training accessible to everyone,” said Yigal Kerszenbaum, Founding Partner and Managing Director of ETF@JFFLabs. “As part of Jobs for the Future (JFF), ETF@JFFLabs pursues the same mission: to drive transformation of workforce and education systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all. Nucamp’s alignment with our own fundamental purpose positioned it as a natural candidate for our grant program. We are proud of our role in supporting Nucamp’s expansion, and pleased to partner with them in the development of Nucamp for Business as the next phase of the company’s mission-led growth.”

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As the demand for technical knowledge increases, organizations that recognize IT skills as a business imperative and invest in coding education for their employees are more likely to realize returns, such as increased revenue and lower turnover costs, with the higher-performing workforce great tech training facilitates. The advantages are abundant across many job types and industries. Technical knowledge improves collaboration between IT staff and non-engineers such as product managers, technical writers, and QA testers. Sales teams can field more technical questions without consulting a developer. Marketers can improve SEO and deploy design changes to websites. Customer support can resolve more requests without calling an often-backlogged engineering team. Employee training helps attract, develop and retain high-quality talent – reducing the need to hire expensive, short-term contractors who leave a knowledge gap when their contract ends. Doubling down on training and upskilling also supports recruiting efforts, as internal mobility allows HR managers to fill open roles across the entire organization with less dependence on outside hiring. What’s more, investing in professional development results in higher employee satisfaction because workers feel more valued.

“With rapid changes in IT as a matter of course, it’s critical for us to identify new technical upskilling resources on a regular basis to meet the demands of the industry,” said Dennis Muller, President and Co-Founder of MicroTrain Technologies. “Nucamp for Business allows us to meet the demand with additional offerings in our mission to help career shifters get trained, certified, and hired.”

Nucamp offers a variety of online courses including a Web Development Fundamentals bootcamp that spans four weeks for $449, a Back End, SQL, and DevOps with Python bootcamp that spans 16 weeks for $1,540, a Front End Web & Mobile Developmentbootcamp that spans 17 weeks for $1,540, and a Full Stack Web & Mobile App Development bootcamp that spans 22 weeks for $1,940. Classes are part-time, online, and structured with one week of self-paced, hands-on, guided study. This includes video lectures, online resources, auto-graded quizzes, and code challenges. The flexible schedule allows students to study when it’s convenient for them. On Saturday mornings, the full class attends a four-hour online workshop with a dedicated instructor. Then, students develop a hands-on coding project and submit it for grading. With Nucamp for Business, employers can track employees’ status as they progress through the class.

A unique approach of Nucamp for Business is the hiring of expert, part-time US-based instructors who work full-time in the industry – meaning they’re actively engaged with the technology they teach on an ongoing basis. This ensures instructors are further informed through their own real-world industry experience and staying current on the latest trends in their field. Nucamp keeps class sizes small—no more than 15 students. During the week, class collaboration occurs through a dedicated Slack channel. Students also have access to the larger and highly active Nucamp Slack community, which consists of former students and industry experts. Employees are grouped with others from their organization and assigned a local instructor whenever possible. This facilitates further collaboration among colleagues to help foster an “at home” feeling while learning.

Employers with a tech-savvy workforce stay competitive, productive, and efficient in an ever-changing digital economy. Nucamp is eager to offer companies and learning organizations all the benefits of Nucamp for Business and build new partnerships to help prepare employers and employees for future success.

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