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Streamlining Multi-Tenant Management: EnGenius Expands Cloud Capabilities for MSPs

Streamlining Multi-Tenant Management: EnGenius Expands Cloud Capabilities for MSPs

EnGenius has taken a significant step forward with the introduction of its MSP Portal, a cloud-based service for MSPs to manage multi-tenant networks efficiently and enhance customer service, a clear demonstration of their commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions

EnGenius Technologies Inc., a global innovator in network management solutions, unveils the MSP Portal within EnGenius Cloud. Tailored for the unique needs of Managed Service Providers, ISPs, VARs, and IT Services companies, the MSP Portal is a leap forward in simplifying multi-tenant network management. This new offering not only provides extra features but also enhances control and collaboration.

Optimizing Inventory and License Management Across Organizations

EnGenius’ MSP Portal simplifies inventory and licensing management for MSPs across multiple organizations. MSPs can easily assign, move, and deregister network devices in different organizations using a unified panel. This streamlined approach minimizes complexities and reduces costs.

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MSP Portal
MSP Portal

Empowering Support Teams across Multiple Organizations

EnGenius’s MSP Portal brings significant upgrades to support team management across various organizations.

Roger Liu, EVP at EnGenius Technologies, explains, “Consider a common scenario where you need to replace a support engineer from multiple tenants with another engineer member. This meant navigating through individual organization setting pages and configuring support privilege settings one by one. With the MSP Portal, those days are over. Administrators can easily assign or remove support team members across various organizations through a single integrated control panel. With this simplified configuration process, managing support teams has never been easier.”

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Accelerated Customer Onboarding

The MSP Portal aims to make it easier and faster to bring new customers on board. MSPs can manage multiple tenant networks through a single dashboard and even duplicate selected or entire network configurations for new tenants. This reduces the need for repetitive configurations for site-based or organization-based settings, including network general settings (Alert/Firmware), SSID, Radio, VLAN, Firewall, and VPN settings.

Added Security and Flexibility 

EnGenius prioritizes security and stability and will offer MSPs the ability to disable automatic firmware updates and select a firmware version for uninterrupted network operation. Security is enhanced through Single Sign-On (SSO), which allows control over the authentication of support team members and boosts operational efficiency across multiple systems. The support team can effortlessly access EnGenius Cloud using their internal credentials through SSO, ensuring simplicity and convenience.

EnGenius’s dedication to innovation and support has reached a new milestone with the introduction of the MSP Portal in EnGenius Cloud. This strategic enhancement goes beyond being just a feature and aligns with EnGenius’s objective of delivering exceptional service to clients by comprehending their requirements and challenges.

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