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IT Services Provider Long View Is Recognized As An Industry Leader In Sustainability By Cisco And Microsoft

IT Services Provider Long View Is Recognized As An Industry Leader In Sustainability By Cisco And Microsoft

Long View is proud to announce that the company has been recognized as a leader in sustainability by its key partners Microsoft and Cisco having been named a Sustainability Changemaker by Microsoft Canada and w***** of Cisco’s Digital Sustainability Challenge 2022.

Microsoft recognized Long View as a Sustainability Changemaker in 2022 for its heavy investment in creating a government machine learning solution that will protect oceans from overfishing and communities from the harmful impact of severe flooding events. They did this by building repeatable, scalable, cross-industry solutions for the modernization of business-critical systems and deploying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence platforms for better business and sustainability decisions. To learn more about this innovative solution.

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Cisco has awarded the company for its work over the past year in partnership with Sensible Building Science to offer clients innovative solutions to automate ventilation, heating and cooling in commercial buildings to zones where occupants are located. This has been proven to provide 5-10% in carbon reductions which, if scaled across a market of 5.5 million commercial buildings, would result in a carbon reduction of 3 to 6 million tonnes. Long View also holds Cisco’s Environmental Sustainability Specialization for building and promoting practices around product takeback and is the first partner to achieve this specialization for both Canada and the US. To learn more about Long View’s work with Cisco and sustainability.

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“These are just two examples of the innovative, industry-defining projects that Long View has undertaken to move the needle on sustainability,” remarks Brent Allison, CEO of Long View. “This work ties directly into our commitment to being around for 100 more years we strive to be a force for good in the world and are moving towards a brighter future for our people, our clients, and the world around us.”

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