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Complete MISRA C++ 2023 Support Empowers C++ Developers

Complete MISRA C++ 2023 Support Empowers C++ Developers

Complete support for MISRA C++ 2023: Parasoft’s C/C++test 2023.2 release strengthens its position as a leader by ensuring comprehensive adherence to MISRA C++ 2023

Parasoft introduces the latest release of C/C++test 2023.2, a transformative tool in C++ development. This update enables developers with a suite of new features, enhancements, and compliance tools, reforming the software development life cycle. With Parasoft C/C++test 2023.2, users have a solution that provides assurance that their C++17 code compliant to MISRA C++ 2023. Parasoft continuously provides complete enforcement of safety and security coding standards, such as complete support for MISRA C++ 2023.


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C/C++test 2023.2 introduces numerous enhancements. It guarantees complete support for MISRA C++ 2023, reflecting Parasoft’s commitment to ensuring compliance and safety within C++17 code. The key updates include:

  • Complete support for MISRA C++ 2023: Delivering 179 guidelines crucial for crafting high-quality C++17 applications. Parasoft’s contribution to the development of MISRA C++ 2023 solidifies its position as the fastest-reacting vendor in the market.
  • Enhanced code quality: The update introduces an improved stubbing framework that enables stubs for template functions, fostering early testing and simplifying fault injection.
  • Advanced analysis and reporting: With updated compliance reporting in Parasoft DTP, users can seamlessly scan code, detect violations, and integrate automated quality gates into continuous integration pull requests.
  • Extended Compiler Support: Supporting a wide range of new compilers like IAR BX ARM, Qualcomm Hexagon, Tasking SmartCode, GNU GCC, and Clang across various platforms.
Complete MISRA C++ 2023 Support Empowers C++ Developers.
Complete MISRA C++ 2023 Support Empowers C++ Developers.

“Parasoft’s latest release, C/C++test 2023.2, stands as a transformative force in C++ development, solidifying its leadership by offering complete support for MISRA C++ 2023. Our additional feature enhancements make this release a testament to Parasoft’s dedication to providing solutions that elevate efficiency, compliance, and code quality in the dynamic landscape of C and C++ development,” said Igor Kirilenko chief product officer at Parasoft.

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Customers leveraging C/C++test 2023.2 experience advantages in the software development life cycle. Achieving compliance with MISRA C++ 2023 standards ensures enhanced reliability, safety, and security in C++ development, aligning with the latest benchmarks. The update introduces enhanced rule accuracy, minimizing false alarms, and refining CERT and AUTOSAR C++ checkers, leading to streamlined analysis and cleaner, more efficient codebases. With an upgraded EDG parser to version 6.5, teams encounter fewer parsing issues in modern C++, significantly reducing analysis failures. Other benefits include:

  • Code coverage for constexpr functions: A seamless collection of metrics from constexpr code execution minimizes the risk of missing untested code in compliance processes.
  • Expanded stubbing framework: Enhanced stubs for previously unsupported scenarios, elevating test case stability and efficiency.
  • VS Code extension enhancements: Improved static analysis result presentation allows developers to focus on critical issues efficiently.
  • Streamlined violation suppression: A new comment format enables suppression of unwanted violations without compromising code readability.

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