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Rafay Systems Launches Unified Kubernetes Operations Support for Converged Infrastructure

Rafay Systems Powers AI and Machine Learning Applications at the Edge by Streamlining Operations for GPU-based Container Workloads

Rafay consolidates and simplifies the management of a variety of infrastructures to support clouds, virtual machines and operating systems – all from one unified SaaS platform

Rafay Systems, the leading platform provider for Kubernetes Operations, announced the ability to seamlessly orchestrate Windows worker nodes with Linux on AMD64 (x64) and ARM architectures from the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP). With this enhancement, IT and cloud operations/SRE teams can now simplify Kubernetes operations from the cloud to the edge with consistent workflows, automation and tooling irrespective of the underlying architecture and operating system (OS), including Linux/AMD-64, Linux/ARM-64, and Windows/AMD-64.

Today, as enterprises modernize their infrastructure, they find themselves using separate machines for application types such as Windows, Linux and ARM. As a result, enterprises incur additional costs and resource constraints as teams struggle with many different ways to configure, deploy and manage the ongoing maintenance required for upgrades, integrations and patching, for example. These challenges exacerbate at the edge, where applications with various architectures can require different servers or VMs – each with different approaches for orchestration – resulting in a lack of standardization and increased operational costs.

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By centralizing management and operations, Rafay provides DevOps and operations/SRE teams the ability to accelerate the migration of legacy Windows apps to a cloud-native architecture without the need to update said apps. This saves time and frees up resources for application modernization initiatives.

“We live in a heterogeneous IT world where most enterprises can’t just start fresh on a cloud-native journey. Infrastructure and operations teams want to consolidate heterogeneous environments in order to simplify management and operations of complex IT systems,” said Mohan Atreya, SVP Product and Solutions at Rafay Systems. “Rafay enables enterprises to leverage Kubernetes as the universal orchestrator for both containerized and VM-based applications as well as containerized applications optimized for different CPU architectures to dramatically simplify and streamline infrastructure and application operations.”

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By unifying heterogeneous worker nodes through the Rafay KOP, enterprise IT and cloud operations teams don’t have to run separate clusters by architecture type or operating system, which significantly reduces infrastructure and management complexity. By converging operations into a single pane of glass, teams can simply leverage containers and Kubernetes to reduce cost and management overhead.

With Rafay KOP, teams can create consistent workflows and take advantage of powerful automation and tooling, irrespective of the underlying architecture and operating system to make IT operations simple, standardized and repeatable.

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