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Tech Mahindra Launches AWS Sports Cloud for Global Fan Fun

Tech Mahindra and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have joined forces to create a groundbreaking sports cloud platform to revolutionize digital experiences for sports organizations and fans worldwide. This collaboration, initiated through a strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) in September 2023, marks a pivotal step towards bridging the gap between sports institutions and their fan bases, aiming to deliver enhanced engagement and immersion in sports events.


The sports cloud platform is designed to cater to the evolving needs of sports enthusiasts, capitalizing on the surging demand for enriched experiences. It leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for streamlined stadium management and emphasizes data-driven insights crucial for sports organizations’ growth. Tech Mahindra and AWS plan to offer a comprehensive digital platform encompassing content engagement, customer data management, audience segmentation, and sports analytics. Additionally, the platform will integrate augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and metaverse gamification to enhance stadium-to-home fan experiences.

Beyond fan engagement, the collaboration aims to empower sports organizations with tools to transform their digital assets, teams, and franchises. By leveraging the cloud offering, these entities can create tailored services and features, thus unlocking new revenue streams while addressing the evolving needs of their audience.

Tech Mahindra is gearing up to revolutionize the digital landscape of sports leagues and organizations through its sports cloud offering, aiming to deliver immersive and personalized experiences to fans worldwide. Collaborating closely with Tech Mahindra, Punjab Kings, a renowned professional Cricket franchise based in India, is actively leveraging this innovation to elevate fan engagement by integrating content, community, and commerce.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Satish Menon, CEO of Punjab Kings, lauded Tech Mahindra’s partnership with AWS to develop a dedicated sports cloud. Menon highlighted the potential of this collaboration in accelerating the digital transformation journey for sporting entities. He emphasized the fusion of on-field action with robust digital initiatives as a catalyst for creating novel opportunities that deeply engage fans in the sporting experience. Menon conveyed his optimism about leveraging these digital tools to facilitate innovative content development, broadcasting strategies, and enhanced game insights from the fans’ perspective. He extended his best wishes to the collaborative teams from Tech Mahindra and AWS for this transformative endeavor.

Tech Mahindra’s sports cloud offering, built on AWS, harnesses a robust array of cutting-edge technologies to deliver an unparalleled experience to sports enthusiasts. The platform processes substantial volumes of digital data in real-time, powered by real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-performance computing for augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), enriched broadcasting, and Web 3.0 advancements, ensuring an elevated engagement for sports fans. Leveraging AWS native services and specialized solutions like AWS Elemental MediaLive for seamless 24/7 linear channels and large-scale live events, AWS Elemental MediaConvert for content transcoding across various screens, and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for real-time streaming data management at any scale, the platform ensures a comprehensive streaming experience.

Additionally, the platform utilizes Amazon Managed Blockchain, facilitating the development of robust Web 3.0 applications across both public and private blockchains. Moreover, Tech Mahindra maximizes the capabilities of Amazon SageMaker, an AWS-managed ML service, empowering developers and data scientists to create, train, and deploy ML models for many applications. These applications include AR/VR video and image analytics, enabling fans to engage in virtual stadium tours, live event experiences, shopping interactions, and accessing exclusive footage from sporting events, all integrated within the platform.


1. What does the Tech Mahindra and AWS sports cloud platform aim to achieve?
The collaboration aims to revolutionize digital experiences for sports organizations and fans globally by bridging the gap between sports institutions and their fan bases. It’s geared towards enhancing engagement and immersion in sports events.

2. What are AWS’s leading technologies or services being utilized in this platform?
AWS Elemental MediaLive for 24/7 linear channels and live events, MediaConvert for content transcoding, Kinesis Data Streams for real-time streaming data management, Managed Blockchain for Web 3.0 applications, and SageMaker for machine learning applications like AR/VR video analytics.

3. Where to look for more information about this sports cloud platform?
Information about the platform, its technologies, and applications can likely be found on Tech Mahindra and AWS websites or through official announcements and related news releases.

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