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Snowflake Native Apps by Cybersyn Offers Decision-makers Detailed Data Sets

Snowflake Native Apps by Cybersyn Offers Decision-makers Detailed Data Sets

Cybersyn, an emerging data solutions provider, addresses the growing demand for comprehensive external data integration through its innovative platform. In an industry where businesses accumulate vast internal data, Cybersyn recognizes the amplified value external data brings when combined with financial market trends, economic indicators, and contextual elements. Pursuing external intelligence from government agencies, open-source platforms, and international bodies often demands considerable acquisition, validation, and transformation resources to yield discernible returns.


Enter Cybersyn: a game-changer in the field of data aggregation. Positioned as a pivotal source within the Snowflake Marketplace, Cybersyn specializes in curating high-value data sets, crafting proprietary data products, and presenting them in an accessible format. By leveraging Snowflake Native Apps, Cybersyn offers not just data but a suite of functionalities and logic directly to customers. This approach allows organizations to swiftly access and integrate Cybersyn’s offerings, streamlining decision-making processes without the hassle of data consolidation and schema development.

Alex Izydorczyk, the CEO and Founder of Cybersyn emphasized the diverse spectrum of Snowflake Native Apps that Cybersyn provides and the substantial benefits these solutions yield for clientele. The strategic integration of external data through Cybersyn’s robust offerings ensures swift, informed decision-making for enterprises seeking actionable insights.

Cybersyn specializes in providing proprietary and public data content, along with Snowflake Native Apps, specifically tailored to offer economic insights regarding consumer spending habits and behavior. The company collaborates extensively with operators and investors to assist them in measuring and navigating the economy for purposes such as capital allocation, competition analysis, and resource distribution.

Traditionally, companies acquire external data sources through varied means—procuring proprietary data from vendors or retrieving public domain data from government sites, international organizations like the World Bank, and diverse APIs. This process involves numerous data sources, ranging from flat files to API access, leading to substantial effort and time spent on data ingestion and preparation.

It presents various advantages to companies seeking new data sources. These apps serve as more than just visual interfaces—they act as tools to teach and demonstrate data utilization. For instance, Streamlit dashboards provide business intelligence visualizations while showcasing the underlying SQL code, aiding users in exploring the data and seamlessly integrating it into their workflows.

Beyond visualizations, Cybersyn offers apps like the URL Parsing Functions, which streamline data cleaning tasks by providing Snowflake SQL functions to parse and standardize URLs efficiently. This app, utilizing Snowpark and Python libraries, simplifies common data cleaning procedures, saving considerable time and effort compared to building such functions from scratch.

These Snowflake Native Apps by Cybersyn offer clients numerous benefits, especially with proprietary data sources. They empower clients to access a variety of aggregations and computations dynamically, avoiding the need to request custom projects for specific data needs. This flexibility and ease of access ultimately enhance the value proposition for customers by providing a wider range of options at a more accessible price point.

Customers have been pleasantly surprised by the versatility of Cybersyn’s Snowflake Native Apps. These applications come in various forms, ranging from SQL functions (UDF) to user interfaces like Streamlit UI, and can even incorporate data. This diversity in application forms has been a bit unexpected for some users, expanding the conceptual boundaries of Snowflake Marketplace. It has shifted the marketplace from a data-sharing platform to a hub for sharing complete applications.

Looking ahead, Cybersyn is exploring integrating the Snowflake Native App concept with Snowflake Container Services. This integration would allow these native apps to operate beyond the Snowflake platform while being hosted. This approach provides the advantages of Snowflake’s security and data accessibility, enabling scenarios like running web services or applications accessible to the public. This advancement adds further possibilities and versatility to what Snowflake Native Apps can achieve.


1. What sets Cybersyn apart in the realm of data aggregation?

Cybersyn stands out by focusing on external data integration, combining proprietary and public data sources to offer economic insights, and streamlining decision-making for enterprises.

2. How does Cybersyn collaborate with Snowflake’s Native Apps?

Cybersyn leverages Snowflake Native Apps to offer data and a suite of functionalities and logic, providing customers with accessible, pre-packaged solutions for swift integration.

3. What specific benefits do Snowflake Native Apps by Cybersyn offer?

These apps provide economic insights, simplifying data utilization and integration. They include visual interfaces, Streamlit dashboards, and specialized functions like URL Parsing Functions to streamline data-cleaning tasks.

4. What advantages do Cybersyn’s Native Apps offer customers seeking new data sources?

The apps empower clients to access dynamic aggregations and computations without requesting custom projects, offering flexibility and diverse options at an accessible price point.

5. How do Cybersyn’s Native Apps expand the Snowflake Marketplace’s conceptual boundaries?

These applications come in various forms beyond mere data-sharing, ranging from SQL functions to complete user interfaces, transforming the marketplace into a hub for sharing comprehensive applications.

6. What’s the next step for Cybersyn in enhancing Snowflake Native App functionality?

Cybersyn is exploring integrating the Snowflake Native App concept with Snowflake Container Services to extend these apps beyond the Snowflake platform, providing further possibilities in hosting web services or applications.

7. How do Cybersyn’s offerings aid enterprises in capital allocation and resource distribution?

By providing economic insights regarding consumer spending habits and behavior, Cybersyn’s solutions assist operators and investors in measuring and navigating the economy for efficient capital allocation and resource distribution.

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