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CIO Influence News Cloud IT and DevOps SaaS Announces Public Launch of Prometheus-as-a-Service, Bolstering Commitment to Open Source-based Observability Announces Public Launch of Prometheus-as-a-Service, Bolstering Commitment to Open Source-based Observability
Prometheus Support Extends Infrastructure Monitoring Offering, Enabling Engineers to Use Leading Open Source Solutions for Logs, Metrics, and Traces on a Fully Managed Unified Platform, a leading cloud-native observability platform for modern DevOps teams, announced the general availability of Prometheus-as-a-Service for their Infrastructure Monitoring solution.’s new Prometheus-as-a-Service significantly enhances the company’s observability platform and enables engineers to more easily scale cloud and Kubernetes workloads without the overhead or complexity of managing siloed open source tools.

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“451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: DevOps, Organizational Dynamics 2020 study shows that 58% of organizations are using open source software (OSS) for monitoring”

Prometheus, the second project to graduate from the CNCF, is the most popular open source time series database and is praised for its ease of use in cloud-native ecosystems. “451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: DevOps, Organizational Dynamics 2020 study shows that 58% of organizations are using open source software (OSS) for monitoring,” said Liam Rogers, Research Analyst for 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Cloud-native application usage in particular has been a driver for open source, fueling the adoption of projects such as Prometheus.”

With traditional Prometheus, users often run multiple servers as they scale, have very short data retention and struggle to investigate incidents. With’s Prometheus-as-a-Service, engineers can now continue scraping their metrics with Prometheus, while offloading the metrics storage to This has the added benefit of correlating metrics alongside logs and traces all in one unified observability platform.

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Prometheus users can now easily send their metrics to’s Prometheus-as-a-Service by adding just a few lines of code to their configuration files to get started in seconds. In addition, users can also easily import all their dashboards to and complete the migration in a matter of minutes.

“We find a lot of value in using Prometheus to provide metrics and insights into our cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters, application performance and beyond, but attempting to run a Prometheus time series database at scale can be incredibly time-consuming.” said Daniel Seravalli, Lead Engineer, Holler. “Thankfully, helps alleviate this for us by running Prometheus at scale and providing the expertise and support needed to simplify management of the metrics backend.”

The launch of Prometheus-as-a-Service reflects’s strong commitment to empowering the open source monitoring ecosystem, as the product extends’s unified, open source and SaaS-based observability platform. Prometheus-as-a-Service accelerates the ability of DevOps and SRE’s to unify and correlate logs and metrics for faster troubleshooting, incident response and remediation.

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Additional product highlights include:

  • Correlate logs, metrics and traces for accurate incident detection and investigation
  • Easy migration from Prometheus to
  • Out-of-the-box advanced dashboards
  • Alerts that can combine both logs and metrics to identify and notify of production issues
  • Option to add annotations to overlay production events over metrics visualizations
  • Sub Accounts to provide the Role-Based Access Control
  • Ability to use the best-of-breed open source for logs, metrics, and traces side-by-side on a fully managed platform.

“Prometheus is considered the best open source metrics solution in the community. But as users need to maintain more than one Prometheus server, scale it and correlate it with logs, it can become impossible to manage at scale,” says Asaf Yigal, Co-founder and VP Product at “Our goal at is to continually enhance and improve the open source tools, so users don’t have to choose between scaling them or exiting the open source community altogether. We couldn’t be more proud to enable our customers with the best of both worlds–a scalable, Prometheus-based offering, that significantly enhances the open source vanilla version and we look forward to seeing how our customers use it to build incredible products.”

The launch of Prometheus-as-a-Services also comes on the heels of other open source announcements from, such as their plan to contribute to a community-driven fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana, their continued contributions to the Jaeger project via Distributed Tracing, and Cloud SIEM’s support for Falco (which was recently contributed to the CNCF).

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