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IAR Systems Enable Visual Studio Code Extensions to Meet Developer Demands

IAR Systems Enable Visual Studio Code Extensions to Meet Developer Demands

Supported by Microsoft, IAR Systems is now providing its embedded expertise and software solutions to the millions of developers using Visual Studio Code worldwide. The launch is in response to market demands and will help professionals accelerate development workflows

IAR Systems, the world leader in software and services for embedded development, proudly presented Visual Studio Code extensions for IAR Systems embedded software development solutions. Now available at Visual Studio Code Marketplace, these extensions enable developers to work in Visual Studio Code while at the same time taking advantage of the powerful capabilities of the IAR Systems’ software solutions specialized in embedded systems.

For many years, IAR Systems and Azure RTOS have delivered the highest level of product integration, including the Azure RTOS ThreadX kernel integration in the IAR Embedded Workbench debugger. This state-of-the-art debugger integration with Microsoft’s Embedded Tools extension includes the ability to view all Azure RTOS ThreadX objects, set thread-specific breakpoints, view suspended thread’s call stacks, and view the unique execution profile and performance monitoring features in Azure RTOS ThreadX. The new IAR Systems’ extensions bring the same high level and integration capabilities to the Visual Studio Code community. In addition, this gives IoT developers a seamless development experience from prototyping to delivered product, enabling a fully GitHub-based automated development workflow.

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“IAR Systems has been a great partner with Microsoft as we’ve been working on Azure RTOS for embedded applications.  And now, we’re excited to bring the capabilities in the IAR Embedded Workbench to the millions of developers using Visual Studio Code. We look forward to seeing what developers build with this technology”, said Amanda Silver, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft.

“The Visual Studio extensions from IAR Systems open a bridge between the leading general code development environment and the leading embedded development environment to make the sum greater than the parts”, commented Anders Holmberg, CTO, IAR Systems. “This gives our mutual users the best of both worlds, enabling users to develop the next generation of smart embedded devices for a wide range of different use cases and workloads in the most efficient way possible.”

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The Visual Studio Code extensions from IAR Systems are compatible with all the latest versions of IAR Embedded Workbench, and IAR Build Tools. In addition, the extensions can be used for other build systems, such as CMake, source control, and versioning extensions like GitHub.

“The new Visual Studio Code extensions on GitHub and Marketplace will make a difference on how IAR Systems interact with and potentially expand our audience, but also accelerate our expertise in code excellence, as we interact with new developers sharing knowledge and practice”, said Anders Holmberg, CTO, IAR Systems.

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