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Haystack Offers New Solution to Tackle Chronic Software Delays

Haystack Offers New Solution to Tackle Chronic Software Delays

A new study on ‘Predictability in Software Engineering’ by Dr. Junade Ali CEng FIET and J.L. Partners reveals a concerning trend in software project delivery. With 70% of such projects failing to meet their on-time targets despite 83% of software engineers emphasizing the high importance of timely completion. Haystack responds to this challenge with the launch of its Software Delivery Ops Platform, designed to facilitate the on-time delivery of high-quality software.


Additionally, the study found that a vast majority of these leaders consider on-time software delivery as essential yet harbor concerns about it in the workplace. Notably, 77% of UK and 90% of US business decision-makers identify on-time delivery as the primary metric for assessing software engineering team performance. Paradoxically, 81% of UK and 89% of US business decision-makers express apprehension about the on-time delivery of software projects within their organizations.

Leveraging insights gained from analyzing millions of data points, Haystack aims to address these challenges by identifying critical risks that could impede on-time delivery. This proactive approach enables software teams to detect early signs of delays and take corrective action before they impact project timelines.

Haystack, under the leadership of CEO Julian Colina, addresses a common challenge faced by software projects—missing deadlines and the subsequent impact on growth and trust. The Software Delivery Ops platform introduced by Haystack stands as a solution to combat this prevalent issue. Haystack aims to reverse the 70% project delays trend by converting data into actionable insights. Their platform promises consistent deadline achievement, ultimately fueling business triumphs and setting new standards in software delivery.

The suite of tools provided by Haystack’s Software Delivery Ops Platform is specifically designed to ensure the smooth progression of software delivery. It identifies potential delays at any phase of the delivery process, promptly alerting teams to potential risks or bottlenecks that could hinder progress.

Despite the pivotal importance of on-time delivery, existing industry solutions have primarily relied on surveys to gauge developer experience and productivity. However, recent research conducted by Dr. Junade Ali CEng FIET in November 2023 highlighted numerous shortcomings in such approaches. Quarterly surveys, deemed too slow to identify early signs of delay, face challenges as software engineers often hesitate to express their true opinions. Moreover, research indicates that individuals with lower programming expertise tend to be overly optimistic when evaluating software delivery performance in substantial projects.

The Haystack platform offers an array of tools specifically designed to maintain the trajectory of software delivery. By identifying early warning signs of potential delays and alerting teams to potential bottlenecks throughout the delivery process, Haystack ensures the timely completion of software projects.

Kan Yilmaz, CTO of Haystack, emphasized, “We’re revolutionizing the software delivery ecosystem. Our platform leverages powerful insights to break the cycle of persistent software delays. It’s time to shift the narrative from why projects are late to ensuring their successful launch – consistently, and on time.”

Unlike traditional methodologies reliant on periodic surveys, Haystack’s Software Delivery Ops Platform integrates seamlessly with developer tools like Git and Jira. By providing real-time insights without the need for lengthy surveys, Haystack eliminates the biases inherent in subjective assessments, ensuring prompt action based on objective data.


1. What is Haystack’s Software Delivery Ops Platform?

Haystack’s Software Delivery Ops Platform is a tool designed to facilitate on-time delivery of high-quality software by identifying critical risks that might impede project timelines. It analyzes data to detect early signs of delays, allowing proactive corrective actions.

2. What challenges does Haystack aim to address with its platform?

The platform addresses the issue of software projects missing deadlines, impacting growth and trust. By leveraging data insights, Haystack aims to reverse the 70% project delays trend, ensuring consistent deadline achievement.

3. How does Haystack’s platform assist software delivery teams?

The platform offers a suite of tools that identify potential delays at any phase of the delivery process. It alerts teams to potential risks or bottlenecks that could hinder progress, enabling proactive actions to maintain the project trajectory.

4. What shortcomings in existing industry solutions does Haystack’s platform address?

Traditional approaches relying on periodic surveys face challenges in identifying early signs of delay and often contain biases. Haystack’s platform integrates with developer tools like Git and Jira, providing real-time insights devoid of subjective assessments or biases.

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