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Datasea Launches Innovative “Intelligent Acoustics” Subsidiary in Delaware, Unveiling AI-Integrated Offerings for US Market

Datasea Launches Innovative "Intelligent Acoustics" Subsidiary in Delaware, Unveiling AI-Integrated Offerings for US Market

Datasea Inc., a digital technology corporation engaged in three converging and innovative business segments in China: intelligent acoustics, 5G messaging, and smart city technology, announced the inception of a wholly-owned subsidiaryDatasea Acoustics LLC, based in the State of DelawareUSA.Datasea Acoustics LLC, incorporated on July 31, 2023, represents the Company’s thrust into the “Intelligent Acoustics” domain, a transformative blend of acoustics and artificial intelligence.

The launch of Datasea Acoustics LLC in the US serves a dual purpose: it solidifies Datasea‘s commitment to the field of Intelligent Acoustics and emphasizes the company’s plan to introduce cutting-edge antiviral acoustic solutions to the American market, catering to a wide and evolving consumer base.

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At their core, Datasea‘s intelligent acoustics solutions are engineered to elevate health and safety standards in both residential and commercial settings.The initial line of products will be specifically tailored for antiviral applications, addressing critical health concerns and capitalizing on the substantial demand in the U.S market.Concurrently, Datasea Acoustics LLC will intensify its R&D endeavors, exploring a spectrum of applications for Intelligent Acoustics that synergize artificial intelligence in design and operations.

Ms. Zhixin Liu, CEO of Datasea, shared her excitement: “The establishment of Datasea Acoustics LLC in the United States marks a significant milestone for us.With Intelligent Acoustics, we’re pushing the boundaries of traditional acoustics by integrating them with artificial intelligence.Our focus on antiviral applications underscores our commitment to enhancing public health.I am genuinely thrilled about the opportunities this new division opens for us, both in product innovation and market reach.”

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