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WISeKey’s Subsidiary, SEALSQ Partners with Accubits to Reinforce Security in the Semiconductor and IoT Ecosystem Using LLMs

WISeKey’s Subsidiary, SEALSQ Partners with Accubits to Reinforce Security in the Semiconductor and IoT Ecosystem Using LLMs

WISeKey International Holding Ltd., a leader in cybersecurity, digital identity, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions operating as a holding company, announced that its subsidiary SEALSQ Corp (SEALSQ) and Accubits Technologies Inc. (Accubits), a global solution provider focused on enabling enterprises to apply artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in their business, today announced their cutting-edge initiative to dramatically fortify the security infrastructure of semiconductors and the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.The partnership aims to harness the potential of Generative AI and Large Language Models, marking a monumental shift in cybersecurity norms.

As part of this pioneering collaboration, WISeKey is creating a novel suite of Trust Services centered on real-world applications of Post-Quantum Encryption (PQE) encompassing digital signaturesencryptionssecure communication channels (TLS), key exchanges, and email security (S/MIME).

Carlos MoreiraWISeKey’s CEO, commented, “Our implementation of PQE hinges on the ‘hybrid signatures’ concept, a blend of conventional and PQE signatures within a single X.509 certificate.This approach guarantees backward compatibility while pioneering a new frontier in cybersecurity services.”

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SEALSQ’s post-quantum technology has emerged as an indispensable instrument in preserving data privacy and integrity in IoT networks, offering robust protection against potential breaches by quantum computers, which can theoretically undermine conventional encryption methods.

By integrating SEALSQ with Generative AI capabilities, the partnership will facilitate several advancements, primarily for the IoT sector. These will include secure data processing, enhanced user privacy, secure software updates, confidential machine learning, encrypted command and control, and secure data sharing.

Utilizing Large Language Models with SEALSQ will provide quantum-resistant encryption of updates. Introducing Confidential Machine Learning will enable model training on encrypted data and keep the model confidential.The integration of Encrypted Command and Control will allow users to securely manage IoT devices using natural language, with all communications securely encrypted.Additionally, Secure Data Sharing will enable IoT devices to encrypt data using SEALSQ and process or analyze it using LLM without being decrypted.

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Jithin VG, CEO of Accubits, shares his insights on the partnership, “We’ve been at the forefront of the AI revolution, launching multiple Large Language Models that provide unparalleled performance in their respective fields. Combining our proficiency in Generative AI with SEALSQ’s groundbreaking post-quantum technology is a natural progression for us. This collaboration marks a defining moment in cybersecurity, as we together fortify the digital infrastructure and redefine the boundaries of secure IoT interactions.”

The requirement to augment security infrastructure for the semiconductor industry has never been more urgent from both technological and strategic perspectives.As AI continues to drive innovation and produce transformative tools central to the global economy, the reliance on sophisticated, high-performance computer chips becomes more critical.

With this groundbreaking collaboration, SEALSQ and Accubits demonstrate their commitment to pushing the boundaries of secure and innovative technology, aiming to safeguard our increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

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