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IOTech Partners with Advantech to Speed Adoption of Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing and other Industrial Sectors

IOTech Partners with Advantech to Speed Adoption of Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing and other Industrial Sectors

The partnership will deliver advanced edge data processing appliances for Industry 4.0 environments

IOTech, the leader in open edge computing, announced its new partnership with Advantech, leading provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and automation technology, to deliver advanced edge data processing solutions for smart manufacturing and industrial automation. The partnership will enable a new range of integrated edge hardware and software solutions for manufacturers to automate data exchanges between equipment and control systems, in addition to simplifying the adoption of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision.

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“Our partnership with Advantech accelerates the digital transformation of industrial environments”

Improving manufacturing systems can be challenging and involve costly integrations to build a full solution. These systems also need to aggregate plant data from many sources, while securing the data both in transit and at rest. Managing real-time data from thousands of endpoints, which may include industrial sensors, machinery and PLCs, is a key concern for manufacturing organizations. Manufacturers are adopting edge computing and Industry 4.0 standards to provide optimized access to industrial data and prevent system siloes that cannot easily adapt to changing needs.

“The partnership between Advantech and IOTech delivers advanced solutions for industrial manufacturing utilizing our edge hardware and IOTech’s leading open edge computing technology,” said Carolyn Swan, director of partnerships, Advantech IIoT Group. “We believe these integrated appliances are a key solution for organizations to implement Industry 4.0 in manufacturing and other industrial sectors. Solutions can be taken to market much more quickly and cost effectively than previously possible.”

Ideal for system integrators (SIs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the new product line incorporates IOTech Edge ConnectTM plug-and-play edge software and Advantech’s advanced IoT edge gateway and high-performance, fanless industrial PC (IPC) hardware. The new edge bundle provides the underlying infrastructure for users to build autonomous decision-making processes, monitor assets and processes in real-time, and create unified networks and systems through simple vertical and horizontal integration. Initial use cases include equipment protection, predictive maintenance, production flow monitoring, production optimization and supply chain optimization.

IOTech’s Edge Connect software enables users to create data-driven industrial applications that leverage the latest advances in AI, analytics and inferencing technologies. It provides comprehensive multi-protocol OT connectivity for key industrial standards and data normalization to the Industry 4.0 OPC UA standard. Simplified “no code” connectivity/device onboarding is provided via user-friendly tools and device discovery features. Standard APIs—based on either MQTT, REST or OPC UA—enable third-party applications or IT/Cloud/SCADA integration.

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“Our partnership with Advantech accelerates the digital transformation of industrial environments,” said Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech. “Until now, it has been too complex and costly to develop new industrial solutions that can take advantage of the latest advances in edge computing and Industry 4.0 standards. With our joint solution, users now have the underlying infrastructure in place to expedite adoption of new, innovative technologies.”

The edge appliances are available for purchase from Advantech as well as through select distributors, such as TD SYNNEX. The scalable solution is available in a variety of form factors and price points to suit specific needs, including cost-effective options for real-time industrial data acquisition and aggregation. Initial hardware support includes Advantech’s UNO-2000 edge gateway series (Intel-based), the ECU-150 (ARM-based) embedded IoT edge gateway and the MIC-770 V2 (Intel-based) high-performance IPC for smart manufacturing, renewable energy, smart building and retail users.

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