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Flowfinity Announces New IoT Sensor Integration Capabilities to Help Firms Achieve Situational Awareness

Flowfinity, a leading platform for business process automation, announced new capabilities to help utilities and enterprises with complex physical assets achieve situational awareness to avoid unexpected downtime or major service disruptions via new Internet of Things (IoT) sensor integrations.

Tech-savvy operators across a variety of industries, including major utilities, are recognizing that situational awareness is the key to understanding the context of operational events as they occur to ensure successful sustained service delivery.

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Now, Flowfinity has invested in an array of necessary technologies that will help bring about digital transformation to the broader utilities sector so operators can take full advantage of situational awareness IoT capabilities to drive business intelligence.

You can leverage the Flowfinity platform to configure and install IoT devices that will gather all the operational information you need to make informed decisions. These devices can function on a continuous basis, generally compatible with Modbus protocols and GIS location data, to go well beyond what humans could perceive.

Sensors can pick up temperature, power consumption, water flow, liquid levels, vibration, and other relevant metrics, while GIS technologies track movement across the environment. All this data feeds into a central database for humans to view or workflow automations to react.

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Since a few high-profile utility and service provider outages have recently affected ratepayers in North America Flowfinity believes the announcement of these new technological advances is well timed.

“With all the attention on service continuity we see right now many software vendors are promising situational awareness, but many simply collect and transmit data,” says Alex Puttonen, Marketing Manager at Flowfinity.

“On the other hand, Flowfinity is a no-code platform that can be configured to integrate with your core systems to trigger corrective action through workflow automations. This ensures that events that meet designated criteria will immediately trigger a specific automated preventative response.”

By combining the simplicity of no-code application development with IoT driven workflow automation and interactive data visualization dashboards Flowfinity has put the ability to achieve meaningful situational awareness within the grasp of most utilities large or small.

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