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Cypherbridge Enhances Security and Interoperability for IoT Devices with Support for New PX5 RTOS

Cypherbridge Enhances Security and Interoperability for IoT Devices with Support for New PX5 RTOS

Manufacturers can leverage industry-first partnership to streamline delivery of safe, secure software across multiple IoT platforms

Cypherbridge Systems, a leading provider of secure IoT software solutions, announced the integration of its SDKPac and uLoadXL IoT software with the new PX5 real-time operating system (RTOS). The integrated solution accelerates the development of IoT platforms, meeting current and evolving security standards and regulations to help ensure more secure IoT products.

Secure IoT software provider @CypherbridgeSys announces the integration of its SDKPac & uLoadXL IoT software with the new PX5 RTOS, for maximum security & interoperability. Processors & microcontrollers with #SDKPac & #uLoadXL for #PX5 are now available.

“With growing demand for more features and increased performance on today’s IoT platforms, manufacturers require an uncompromised match between secure development solutions and a robust operating system,” said Steve DeLaney, President, Cypherbridge Systems. “Combining the Cypherbridge SDKPac and uLoadXL secure boot SDKs, with the industrial-grade reliability and safety of the POSIX PX5 RTOS, gives our customers unparalleled ability to build secure, connected software. From developer desktop to target platform, it’s simply faster and easier to deploy leading-edge secure IoT solutions.”

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Streamline embedded security, from development to in-field updates

The Cypherbridge SDKPac offers comprehensive standards-based secure communications protocols and interoperable software libraries for a wide range of applications, including industrial control, medical device, energy, and transportation. The uLoadXL secure boot and software update SDK anchors the IoT platform root of trust, authenticating and integrity checking the PX5 RTOS-based system application. Managed software updates are securely distributed over-the air (OTA) and installed on the target product.

The industrial-grade PX5 RTOS is an advanced, fifth-generation RTOS, designed for the most demanding embedded applications, with best-of-class safety and security. The PX5 RTOS delivers essential real-time programming mechanisms, such as threads, semaphores, queueing, and timing resources while maintaining POSIX-compliant interoperability with a wide range of software stacks and hardware platforms.

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“The PX5 RTOS gives embedded software developers the tools they need to develop safety- and security-critical IoT devices from day one,” said William E. Lamie, President, PX5. “Partnering with a global leader like Cypherbridge fulfills the market need for the increased quality, safety, and security provided by the PX5 RTOS. Together, we o**** unprecedented assurance on a lean, simplified foundation.”

Maximize portability in minimum time
SDKPac for PX5 enables developers to reduce the cost and effort of porting software stacks to a wide range of applications and real-time IoT platforms. The highly portable POSIX API and programming model is widely used in systems and applications, including desktop and embedded Linux. The continuous increase in IoT cybersecurity, expansion and complexity of software stacks, and MCU cross over into application processor space, is powering the next wave of secure hypercloud connectivity, AI and innovations across all industries. SDKPac for PX5 is uniquely positioned to leverage these trends with fully integrated go-to-project solutions.

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