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CareBand Secures US Utility Patent for Advanced IoT Wearable System Designed to Keep Vulnerable People Safe

CareBand Secures US Utility Patent for Advanced IoT Wearable System Designed to Keep Vulnerable People Safe

CareBand, a pioneer in low-powered location-based health and safety wearable solutions, celebrates the granting of US Patent No 11,714,197. This milestone further strengthens CareBand’s position as a leading innovator in the rapidly growing LPWAN market.

This patent enhances CareBand’s patent portfolio which includes more than 14 issued patents and numerous patent applications in the US and major international markets. The portfolio covers context-aware wearables, edge computing, and data communication via LPWAN networks (i.e. Amazon Sidewalk, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT etc.) for use in healthcare, industrial, and defense industries.

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Patent ‘197 introduces unique features that offer an integrated safety solution tailored for individuals prone to wandering, such as those with dementia or Autism. Key features include:

Dual Mode Tracking – The wearable device uses both micro- and macro- location tracking. Inside a predefined proximity, the device uses signal beacons to monitor the wearer’s movements. Outside this range, the device uses GPS-like technology, ensuring uninterrupted tracking regardless of the user’s location.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring – Going beyond traditional tracking, the wearable is equipped with sensors that gather health metrics. These sensors can capture a person’s heart rate, detect any sudden impacts (possibly indicating a fall), and monitor temperature.

Environmental Awareness – The wearable doesn’t just monitor the wearer; it’s attuned to the environment with sensors like thermometers and light detectors. The optional inclusion of a microphone allows for ambient noise detection, indicating the wearer’s surroundings or if they’re calling for help.

Responsive Alert System – To ensure the wearer is constantly informed, the wearable includes a multi-modal notifier device. This could be an LED light, a speaker, or a vibration motor.

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“Our awarded patent highlights CareBand’s continuous drive towards innovation in healthcare,” Adam Russek-Sobol, CEO at CareBand, states. “This innovation finds its significant potential through partnerships like the one we share with Amazon Sidewalk. Their cutting-edge IoT network is reshaping the landscape of consumer healthcare. As one of their first solution providers, we see a unique opportunity to deliver on healthcare equality, reaching people right in their homes. Our mission is clear: ensuring everyone, regardless of where they are or where they come from, can access the best of healthcare solutions. We are both excited by and committed to this transformative journey.”

In summary, CareBand’s patented system isn’t just another tracker. It’s an ally for caregivers, offering an unparalleled, holistic view of the wearer’s condition, bringing together tech and care in an innovative embrace.

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