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Sevco Security Delivers Enhanced Visibility and Insights Into IT and Security Assets With Updates

Sevco Security Delivers Enhanced Visibility and Insights Into IT and Security Assets With Updates

Enhancements provide enterprises with added context, workflows, and network mapping capabilities to confidently assess IT inventory and security risks

Sevco Security, the cloud-native security asset intelligence platform for enterprises that want an accurate IT inventory, announced enhancements to its platform including new capabilities for user inventory, network mapping and workflow integrations. These updates extend to customers a greater visibility into user owned devices and situational insights to an organization’s security posture. Additionally, new workflow tools and mapping capabilities within the Sevco platform will help sharpen an enterprise’s overall security and IT operations process.

“An accurate IT asset inventory is the foundation of every major security framework”

With the new enhancements, Sevco Security provides its customers with granular cross user and device visibility of their IT assets. The platform generates a centralized view of user account information so IT and security teams can unify visibility across systems and platforms to easily query, track and monitor user attributes. This insight paired with Sevco’s patented asset telemetry technology creates a single source of truth for IT and security teams, providing them with the contextual data needed to understand the relationship between an asset and a user, allowing IT and security teams to proactively protect IT assets and secure the enterprise.

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“An accurate IT asset inventory is the foundation of every major security framework,” said J.J. Guy, co-founder and CEO of Sevco Security. “Without visibility into which users own what device or accurate data to provide a consolidated view of asset inventory, you are not able to have a clear understanding of where the security risks are within the IT environment or what vulnerabilities are left unprotected. The Sevco platform is purpose-built to solve these challenges and provide our customers with the tools needed to generate a continuous and comprehensive inventory of its assets.”

Key features and capabilities in this latest Sevco platform release include:

  • User Inventory: Customers are now able to obtain a comprehensive view of an enterprise’s accounts and an accurate record of devices users own to easily see the relationships between a user and the devices and systems they access. This data provides IT and security teams with a highly efficient approach to surface security issues and other risks, such as identifying users or devices who are missing endpoint security.
  • Network Mapping: Sevco’s network view and mapping tools provide customers with the context needed to expedite user and device investigations by providing the context needed to quickly triage an issue or manage an investigation. Customers can easily gather more information on a specific device and obtain contextual insights around a device’s physical location, user access, operating system, security controls and more, allowing the team to promptly address device issues.
  • Workflow Integrations: Sevco’s intelligent platform can integrate into existing workflows and automate systems in disparate toolsets to enrich data with real-time correlations that will support an enterprise’s incident response and other operational processes. These new integrations enhance the quality and performance of existing IT and security tools within an environment that relies on accurate data, such as CMDB, ticketing systems, SIEM, and SOAR.

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Maintaining an accurate inventory of an enterprise’s assets is one of the biggest challenges that security and IT teams face. If an enterprise does not have a clear understanding of how many devices it owns, it cannot ensure that endpoint security controls and vulnerability management programs are properly deployed. Existing tools such as identity management, XDR, vulnerability management and active directory are only able to collect a partial set of data. That lack of insight paired with the inability to deliver real-time insight around user connectivity means that those tools are unable to provide an accurate view of an enterprise’s assets. Sevco solves this challenge with its intelligent platform that aggregates, correlates, and deduplicates siloed inventories into a unified view to clearly show a complete picture of an organization’s assets.

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