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OpenLegacy Fashions a Digital Transformation for Monoprix

OpenLegacy Fashions a Digital Transformation for Monoprix

OpenLegacy empowers a growing and diverse team at Monoprix to create APIs as equal contributors to their new API factory

OpenLegacy, which transforms monolithic mainframe systems into cloud-native building blocks of innovation, announced their selection by top French retail chain Monoprix as its API integration platform of choice. Monoprix, a C***** Group brand, is leveraging the OpenLegacy Composable Integration Platform to access its mainframe Z series systems quickly, easily and reliably. 

“We needed faster time-to-market since we frequently introduce new fashion collections,” states Monoprix CIO Vincent Cotteaux. “OpenLegacy helped us make the necessary digital-driven integrations to our mainframe Z O/S systems to meet these pressing needs and improve our overall data quality.” 

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“OpenLegacy empowers Monoprix to create APIs with a constantly growing team where team members with diverse skills and backgrounds are equal contributors to the new API factory,” explains OpenLegacy EMEA General Manager Gil Cohen. “This project demonstrates the flexibility of exposing APIs, properly organized by domains and crafted based on a well-designed granularity. The quick turnaround of the project proves that OpenLegacy enables fast API design while delivering ultra-high quality.”

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This customer acquisition builds upon OpenLegacy’s growing traction in the global retail industry. OpenLegacy’s benefits for this sector where the need for digital agility has never been greater include:

  • Providing a 360-degree view of the customer interaction with the retailer that incorporates any data stored in their mainframes
  • Enabling i****** q**** approvals for sales reps on the floor in conjunction with their managers
  • Delivering the ability to track inventory and make current data available on any device even when it is stored on the mainframe 

Monoprix is achieving faster time-to-market with its frequent introduction of new fashion collections by leveraging OpenLegacy to access their mainframe Z O/S systems and expose its transactions as microservices-based APIs. Monoprix has already gone live with a strategic project in collaboration with OpenLegacy, using OpenLegacy to simplify, automate and enable non-developer users to start designing APIs from complex core applications that will further support their business growth.

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