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Multi-Asset Solutions Using Professor Jeremy Siegel’s Insights

Multi-Asset Solutions Using Professor Jeremy Siegel's Insights

Three new Digital Funds are now available direct-to-consumers through WisdomTree’s personal finance app

WisdomTree,, a global financial innovator, announced the launch of three new Digital Funds, each leveraging research insights from Professor Jeremy Siegel, Senior Economist to WisdomTree and Emeritus Professor of Finance at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. These blockchain-enabled funds are exclusively available on WisdomTree Prime, which is now available to U.S. investors across 36 states.

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The new Digital Funds are actively managed and seek long-term capital appreciation using an asset allocation strategy that predominantly invests in exchange traded funds (ETFs), including WisdomTree ETFs, providing WisdomTree Prime users with more options for a curated investing experience covering a wide variety of asset classes all within a blockchain-native ecosystem. WisdomTree’s in-house transfer agent keeps a secondary record of investor ownership of Digital Fund shares currently on the Stellar blockchain, with the Ethereum and other blockchains being a focus for the future. The three new Digital Funds join WisdomTree’s suite of nine Digital Funds already available through WisdomTree Prime.

  • The WisdomTree Siegel Global Equity Digital Fund (EQTYX) provides exposure to equity investments (U.S. and international markets, and may include emerging markets).
  • The WisdomTree Siegel Moderate Digital Fund (MODRX) is designed to follow the traditional 60/40 allocation (i.e., 60% equities/40% fixed income).
  • The WisdomTree Siegel Longevity Digital Fund (LNGVX) is designed to challenge the more traditional 60/40 allocation by weighting the allocation more toward equities in seeking to address increased longevity as people are generally living longer.

In addition, in generally seeking higher income generation and market outperformance potential, each Digital Fund’s allocation to equities focuses on including equities that have historically exhibited higher dividend yields and/or lower valuation ratios.

“My long-standing relationship with WisdomTree has resulted in model portfolios available to financial advisors since 2019, but this is the first time ever that funds constructed with strategies that leverage my research are available direct-to-consumers through WisdomTree Prime,” said Professor Jeremy Siegel. “I am pleased WisdomTree is utilizing my research in the management of these funds.”

Professor Siegel has served as a Senior Investment Strategy Advisor to WisdomTree since 2004. His title was elevated to Senior Economist to WisdomTree in 2023 to reflect a deepened commitment as a result of continued collaboration and an aligned vision on long-term investing strategies focused on equities. As Senior Economist, Professor Siegel provides consultation and information to WisdomTree regarding his academic research, including as it relates to global financial markets, the global economic environment, monetary policy, and interest rates, among other services. Professor Siegel does not have any day-to-day responsibilities with respect to any WisdomTree Siegel Digital Fund.

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“We are thrilled that insights from Professor Siegel, a world-renowned expert on the economy and financial markets, are being leveraged in the blockchain-enabled ecosystem for the very first time,” said Will Peck, Head of Digital Assets at WisdomTree. “We believe that blockchain is the future of finance and are proud to provide WisdomTree Prime users with now twelve Digital Funds that offer traditional exposures within a digital wrapper. Many on Wall Street have their eyes on tokenization and unlocking use cases through blockchain – and WisdomTree is leading the industry evolution by making these products available to investors .

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